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🇮🇹 DAY 1 REVIEW: Italy’s Marta brings dazzling colours to the stage

It is day 1 of rehearsals ahead of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019! The countries rehearsing today, in chronological order, are Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, France, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan and Malta.

Read our handy guide for a more detailed look at this contest’s rehearsal schedule.

Rehearsing today for Italy inside the Gliwice Arena is Marta Viola, performing ‘La voce della terra’. As the first rehearsals are closed to the press, this review is based upon content made public by the EBU and TVP.

VISUALS: One word for this performance: Colour! Throughout the rehearsal clip, flourishes of bright, swirling colour jolts across the screen in various shapes and sizes. They have a real watercolour effect which is really visually appealing. The multitude of colours really works well with the universal message of an environmental anthem.

VOCALS: Marta sounds great on stage – 2019 is definitely the year of the voice! From what we can see there are no backing singers joining Marta on stage, although we will know for sure at the second rehearsal in a few days.

CHOREO/PERFORMANCE: There doesn’t appear to be any form of choreography based on the rehearsal clip. That said, there does appear to be the potential for a really interesting moment – about halfway into the clip the screen goes to darkness. A white kite, synonymous with this year’s edition of Junior then flashes over the screen. How does this fit into the song/performance and could this be hiding something really special? We’ll have to wait and see!

Stay tuned for our reviews for the rest of today’s rehearsals from the Gliwice Arena. If you want to know what to expect for the rest of the day, check out our rehearsal schedule.

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