Gliwice-Silesia 2019🇧🇾 Belarus

🇧🇾 DAY 1 REVIEW: Liza from Belarus brings futurism to Gliwice Arena

It is day 1 of rehearsals ahead of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019! The countries rehearsing today, in chronological order, are Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, France, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan and Malta.

Read our handy guide for a more detailed look at this contest’s rehearsal schedule.

Rehearsing today for Belarus inside the Gliwice Arena is Liza Misnikova, performing “Pepelny (Ashen)”. As the first rehearsals are closed to the press, this review is based upon content made public by the EBU and TVP.

VISUALS: Liza’s team have done a great job with the visuals from the concept from the national final. Blank characters appear in the background, with hair, glasses and facial features swapping out every few seconds. It’s quite striking and the images are very reminiscent of what you would expect in a manga and/or anime. Speaking of anime… is there a bandana from Naruto?!?

Also notable is this image of escalators that looks like its been lifted out of an anime, j-pop music video or video game. The artwork really is something.

VOCALS: Liza takes part in a fair amount of choreography and movement but that doesn’t detract from her strong vocals.

CHOREO/PERFORMANCE: Liza is joined on stage by four dancers all wearing striking and vibrant fluorescent colours. There are flags, but the clip doesn’t give too many hints as to how often they will be used!

Stay tuned for our reviews for the rest of today’s rehearsals from the Gliwice Arena. If you want to know what to expect for the rest of the day, check out our rehearsal schedule.

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