Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… United Kingdom

At long last, the final entry in this series – the United Kingdom trivia quiz. As I’m from the United Kingdom, I would say it’s been a long while waiting, but as I don’t really condone my country’s recent entries, it’s not a problem. Well, with the exception of Electro Velvet, my most controversial Eurovision opinion. Nevertheless, I always focus on the positive and this quiz’s questions do so also, mostly. From British winners to British losers, test your knowledge of a country with some of the greatest presence in Eurovision.

This is the final entry in the So You Think You Know… country series. It’s been a fun ride over the last two years. Perhaps at some point we shall update some of the older ones, but for now, that’s us signing off. And just in time too, as Junior Eurovision is going and the new season is about to start. Watch out for a quiz coming out in December covering the whole of the decade and other opportunities to test your knowledge on the new season. For now, enjoy the United Kingdom trivia quiz.

How many times has the United Kingdom WON the Eurovision Song Contest?

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This does include the joint-winner in 1969, won by Lulu.

How many times has the UK come second in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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These two stats, compared with a near unbroken run of other good results in the 20th century, made the UK the previous points record holder of all-time. They recently lost that to Sweden but remain the country with the most top 2 finishes. Whichever way you look at it, the British have perhaps the proudest history in Eurovision. Which of course they are (we are?) currently doing their best to trash but no one's perfect.

The American band that most recently won Eurovision for the UK (in 1997) are famous for which 80s song?

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Katrina & The Waves of ‘Walking On Sunshine’ achieved their second biggest hit, peaking at #3 in the UK, with the Eurovision winner ‘Love Shine A Light’. In my opinion easily the best winner from my country.

Which of these locations in the UK has not hosted the Eurovision Song Contest?

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The UK has hosted 8 (!) times! The most recent hosting was in 1998 in Birmingham. At various times in the early part of the contest, the BBC stepped in to host when another country could not, accounting for the Edinburgh and Brighton hosting as well as two of the four London hostings. The UK did not host in 1970, but the other four were the result of British winners.

What was the most recent British Eurovision entry to reach #1 in the United Kingdom?

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Gina G was the only one of those to reach #1, in 1996. It became a bit of a breakout hit beyond Eurovision.

Which of these entries finished with nul points in Eurovision?

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All of these options came last, and if I might say so as a British fan, completely deserved in every case.

Which of these British entries in the 21st century finished top 10 in Eurovision?

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Which of these British artists was a former contestant of the X Factor?

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Also an X Factor contestant was Andy Abraham, so we currently send a contestant who was previously on that show about once a decade. Other talent shows make appearances here and there.

Which famous broadcaster immediately preceded Graham Norton as the United Kingdom commentator of Eurovision?

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Small factoid: As Sir Terry and Graham were/are both Irish born, since Wogan took over in 1982, the UK has not had a British born commentator since that time. Though of course this makes no difference to their commentating ability.

What country has the United Kingdom supported the most in Eurovision?

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Makes sense with all of Ireland's wins and the likelihood that we will support an Irish entry more often than any others. At the current rate, Sweden will likely overtake in perhaps 5-10 years though, they are 30 points behind and qualify a lot more than Ireland do.

Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know... United Kingdom
You are Jade Ewen!

Representing the closest thing that modern Eurovision fans have ever seen to a British success, Jade Ewen's It's My Time is the only top 10 for the UK from the semi-final era. A rousing song with Andrew Lloyd Webber on piano, it represents the fact that you smashed this quiz, well done!
You are Lucie Jones!

Bringing the UK a result that isn't immediately shameful from the outset, Lucie Jones' Never Give Up On You scored over 100 points in 2017. Great job on the quiz, you can do a little better but good knowledge anyway!
You are Michael Rice!

Apologies to Michael but performing a dull song in a fashion immediately giving away that it's not your song is not a winning formula, and his failure, coming last, seems to have forced some moment of introspection from the BBC. We can only hope it gets better from here. Why not try again?

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