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🇰🇿 Jon Ola Sand gives new statement regarding Kazakhstan’s Eurovision participation and EBU membership

This evening, Jon Ola Sand took part in a press conference at the Gliwice Arena ahead of Sunday’s 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Naturally, one of the hottest topics surrounded whether there are any plans to allow Junior Eurovision participating nation Kazakhstan into the adult contest.

“In constant dialogue”

Upon being asked whether Kazakhstan would be permitted to enter the adult contest in the future, Jon Ola Sand made the following statement regarding their participation and the relationship between the European Broadcasting Union and Khabar Agency, Kazakhstan’s participating broadcaster:

First of all, we’re very happy to have the delegation from Kazakhstan here and they performed really well last year. They have a great act this year and they prepare thoroughly and send their best crew basically, so we’re very happy for that.

For the time being, there is no discussion about bringing them into the Eurovision Song Contest but we are in constant dialogue with the broadcaster on several levels – not only when it comes to the events that we do but also when it comes to discussion around membership, about services we can offer.

They have several times visited the EBU, not only me but other departments and people at the EBU, and we would like to continue a good dialogue with the broadcaster in Kazakhstan because they add value to, for instance, this contest and we’re very happy for that.

Jon Ola Sand, 22 November

No sign of adult Eurovision participation for now

Jon Ola Sand’s statement backs up a previous statement given to by the European Broadcasting Union in September. You can read this original statement below:

Last year in Minsk, Sand revealed there were discussions to be had regarding Kazakh participation in the adult contest. Nevertheless, it does seem that, for now, these discussions are against a Kazakh Eurovision debut.

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