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First rehearsals will remain open to press at Eurovision 2020, initial run-throughs “may” be private

One of the most notable changes at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been the change to rehearsals. For the first time, the first set of rehearsals for each country was closed to the press. When asked whether this may apply to the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand confirms what will happen.

Closed rehearsals in Gliwice

In Gliwice this week, the press centre only opened on Thursday ahead of the second rehearsals for each country. The first rehearsals were closed to the press, with the official Junior Eurovision website exclusively publishing selected content. The change was warmly received, believing it reduces pressure on the young performers getting used to the big stage for the first time.

Statement regarding Rotterdam rehearsals

In a press conference with Jon Ola Sand this evening, he was asked whether this change will also apply to next year’s adult contest in Rotterdam. Executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand made the following statement:

We will still have an open first rehearsal like we’ve had over the last years. I know that for some artists it is a bit challenging and uncomfortable to know that journalists, bloggers and other people are watching whilst they go on that stage for the first time to perform.

We have decided to keep the rehearsals open, however, because we know that for everyone travelling to the host city and attending the press centre that it is really valuable so we will [keep the first rehearsals open].

We might have a little adjustment when it comes to the very first time they run through the song. It might be that we give them that moment alone but [press] will be able to see everything when it comes to the latter [run throughs in the first rehearsals].

Jon Ola Sand

Did you agree with the decision to close first rehearsals for this weekend’s Junior contest? And are you pleased the first rehearsals will remain open at the adult contest, albeit with a potential adjustment? Let us know @ESCXTRA!

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