Rotterdam 2020

🇫🇷 France goes internal for Rotterdam 2020

Destination Eurovision, the most recent French national selection, will not take place next year, according to French newspaper Le Parisien. France will instead come back to an internal selection to choose its act for Eurovision.

Viewing figures as the main cause?

According to Le Parisien‘s informations and sources, which include Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of entertainment at France Télévisions, France 2 will not renew Destination Eurovision. At least two reasons seem to have motivated that choice.

First, Destination Eurovision suffered from low viewing figures, compared to the competition during the selection and especially compared to Eurovision itself, with viewing shares three times lower for the selection than for the Final in 2019.

The second reason is, according to Alexandra Redde-Amiel, a wish to take back control.

We want to control the process more, with an internal selection. This is what Spain and England (sic) will do this year. We will deploy our forces differently. We are considering several possibilities. […] By changing our process, we hope to get closer to the podium in 2020.

Alexandra Redde-Amiel, Head of Entertainment at France Télévisions

Opening up the selection

Although the selection will be internal, France 2 will still “open up” this year. Indeed, despite not being seemingly open to public submissions, the French broadcaster has been in touch with foreign artists.

We asked French writers and composers to submit songs, but also foreign editors, for the first time.

Alexandra Redde-Amiel, Head of Entertainment at France Télévisions

Finally, according to the article, the chosen act will be officially presented in a televised show before the final. Although no details have been given, it is highly likely that such a presentation will take place before the HoD meeting, mid-March 2020.

What do you think? Is an internal selection the way to go for France? Is there any artists you’d wish to see representing France? Tell us more in the comments below or on social media at @escxtra !

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