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🇷🇺 Russia’s Head of Delegation confirms internal selection for Rotterdam

Yuri Akyuta, Head of Delegation for Russia, has confirmed that Channel One will internally select their representative for Rotterdam in 2020.

This is not a huge surprise, given Russia have consistently opted to for an internal selection since 2013, with largely strong results to show from it.

Year of the internal selection?

With this confirmation we can add Russia to a growing list of countries who opting to go internal for 2020, including:

Are countries following the footsteps of a certain recent winner?

Similarly, while some countries have yet to specifically outline their selection process for Rotterdam, it would safe to expect a handful of countries go down the internal route. In recent years Azerbaijan, San Marino and Greece have opted for internal selections. However, current rumours suggest Greek broadcaster ERT may return to a single-artist national final for 2020…

Are internal selections the way forward? Have a read of our debate earlier in the year to see what some of the team think!

Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Russia’s debut in the contest was back in 1994. After a few mid-table finishes, Russia has become one of the power houses of the modern contest. Since 2000, Russia has come second four times, third on four occasions and won the contest back in 2008.

After a year out in 2017, Russia received its worst result in 2018. Not counting 1996, it was the first time Russia ever failed to make it through to the Grand Final. Julia Samoylova finished in fifteenth in her semifinal with ‘I Won’t Break‘.

This year in Tel Aviv, Sergey Lazarev represented the largest Eurovision nation with the dramatic ballad ‘Scream’. He managed to bring Russia back to the top 3 for the first time since his initial participation back in 2016.

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