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🇪🇸 Miki Núñez released the music video for “Coral Del Arrecife” feat. Sofía Ellar

Perfection in a music video!

This week Spains 2019 representative, Miki, released the music video for his new single off his debut album “Amuza” called “Coral Del Arrecife” (eng.: Coral Reef). The song is featuring Sofía Ellar, a famous 26-year-old Spanish singer/songwriter born in London but living in Madrid!

The video is about his experience in OT 2018!

The subject was written based on the experience that happened in the Academy (Operation Triumph). In general, it deals with the duality between two situations or two differentiated worlds. The exterior, which pursues us with different input (whether positive or negative) and that mark the future of life and the next steps. On the other hand, there is the inner world, that in which we analyze what happens to us on a daily basis and allows us to ‘disconnect’ from reality.

The music begins and we move to a totally different place in the center of Madrid. It is a country house, with mountain views. At that moment he shows us a Miki on his back, thoughtful, nostalgic looking out the window. A clear nod to what happened in Operation Triunfo, when they were living in a closed space away from reality and the outside world.

‘Coral del Arrecife’ is a song with a fairly active rhythm and a catchy melody. However, as in an era of exaggerated consumerism, society does not stop to understand the message of the song, it only enjoys it. That is why it is recommended that you stop reading the content of the topics.

During OT 2018 Miki and his fellow contestants were “locked-in” the Academy, away from family, friends, and fans to work on music. The video shows these two worlds and thoughts about the future.

Watch the music video for “Coral Del Arrecife” below:

Listen to Miki’s debut album “Amuza” here:

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