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🇳🇱 Glennis Grace calls for “Empathy” in new single

Glennis Grace has just dropped her latest single. “Empathy” is a call for… empathy, understanding and listening to each other. It’s a return to the English language for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest entrant, who’s been focusing on Dutch music recently.

Glennis Grace: “Fierce discussions”

When releasing the single, Grace posted a statement on Facebook. She said she wrote the song a few weeks ago in light of some “fierce discussions” in the Netherlands. By that, she means the omnipresent debate surrounding Black Pete. The debate has been going on for many years now, with both sides of the argument losing the patience to listen to one another. It has led to protests, with both physical and verbal violence.

In light of these discussions and debates, Glennis Grace said:

People seem to have lost the ability or willingness to understand or being sensitive to the feelings of another. To understand each other might be a big step, but with this song I call everyone to at least listen to each other and to try and walk in each other’s shoes for one day.

Glennis Grace on Facebook

Grace took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with “My Impossible Dream”. In recent years, she’s been part of Ladies of Soul, together with Trijntje Oosterhuis and Edsilia Rombley. Aside from that, she’s honoured her idol Whitney Houston on multiple occasions. Just last year, Grace impressed during America’s Got Talent, where she made the final.

You can listen to Glennis’s song “Empathy” on YouTube here or on Spotify below!
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