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🇧🇬 Zhana Bergendorff finishes second on The Masked Singer in Bulgaria

The Masked Singers just keep on coming from the Eurovision Song Contest! Last night’s final in Bulgaria saw Zhana Bergendorff revealing herself as the woman behind the Rose, as she finished in second place.

The Raven takes the crown

Zhana Bergendorff impressed the jury and the audience with her powerful vocals week after week. The songs she chose weren’t the easiest around. Just last night, she took on the Whitney Houston classic “One Moment In Time” and Queen’s legendary “We Are The Champions”. Other songs from the past few weeks include “The Winner Takes It All” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

Only the Raven was able to beat Zhana, who was dressed as the Rose. The Raven sang songs like “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman, “Proud Mary” and “Make You Feel My Love”. At the end of the show, it turned out Mihaela Marinova was the star wearing the Raven mask.

You can watch Zhana Bergendorff’s reveal as the Rose, as well as her farewell song “We Are The Champions” by clicking here.

From Eurovision to the Masked Singer

It was the first season of the Masked Singer in Bulgaria, called Maskiraniyat Pevets or Маскираният певец there. The show airs on TV channel NOVA. A total of thirteen acts took part, with Zhana Bergendorff being the only one to have ever graced the Eurovision stage.

Zhana’s Eurovision adventure took place in 2018. Together with the rest of EQUINOX, she represented Bulgaria in Lisbon. They made sure Bulgaria had their third consecutive final appearance. “Bones” eventually finished in fourteenth there.

The idea of Eurovision stars appearing on the Masked Singer isn’t unique to Bulgaria. Just this past Friday, we found out Natasha St-Pier took part as the Cupcake in France. In Germany, Max Mutzke, dressed as an Astronaut, even won the first season there. South Korea originally aired the show, but now it’s spreading worldwide. Local broadcasters in Italy, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Austria have announced a series for 2020. Greece will also have their own version, with a Eurovision host presenting it: Sakis Rouvas.

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