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Google Trends 2019 – Eurovision continues to be popular all over Europe

Eurovision is trending all over Europe!

As the year slowly comes to an end, Google released its annual trends report of 2019. This year yet again, the trends of many countries are filled with Eurovision, so let’s take a closer look!

Eurovision remains popular

Usually, the most searched for term every year is “Eurovision” and this year makes no exception. According to Google, “Eurovision” appeared in the top 10 of no less than 13 countries. However, this number may even be higher, as Google didn’t include several countries in their trends ranking, such as Moldova, Iceland or North Macedonia.

One country, however, was the number one Eurovision fan in 2019: Greece! Eurovision was the most searched for term in Greece in 2019. The contest was also a popular search in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, and even Ukraine. This list even expands when we use the search function on Google Trends. When you search for “Eurovision” there, you can see that Eurovision was most popular in Iceland, Malta, and Cyprus, all countries that are not included in Google’s annual trends summary.

Additionally, several national finals made an appearance, such as Sanremo in Italy or Melodifestivalen in Sweden.

Interest by region for the term “Eurovision”

Artists who got Europe searching

Of course, the winner of Eurovision always gets a lot of attention in their home country. This is very clear with Duncan Laurence, as he was the 5th most searched for general term, the most searched for artist and the most searched for Dutch person in 2019 in The Netherlands. His winning song “Arcade” also was the most searched for song in 2019 in The Netherlands.

Mahmood from Italy made quite an impact as well, as he was the 8th most popular term in general and the 4th most popular artist of 2019 in Italy in general. Emma Marone, Italys 2014 participant, also made an appearance as the 9th most searched for artist.

Other top searched artists are Victor Crone, who was the most popular artist in Estonia, Jurijus from Lithuania, Conan Osiris from Portugal and Luca Hänni from Switzerland. MARUV made it to 4th place in Ukraine as well, even though she did not go to Eurovision.

Another honorable mention is Viki Gabor from Poland. The winner of Junior Eurovision 2019 was the 7th most popular person in Poland in 2019.

People have questions about Eurovision

For some countries, Google showed the most searched for questions and sometimes, they had a Eurovision surprise. This starts with rather normal questions like in Sweden, where people were wondering how many entries in Eurovision 2019 are, or in Spain, where people wanted to know when Eurovision 2019 takes place.

However, Australia asked the most important question of all and it is their most searched for question of 2019: “Why is Madonna wearing an eye patch at Eurovision?”

Do you know why? Let us know in the comments down below!

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