The Xtra Eurovision Advent Calendar 2019; part 3

18 December

No Christmas is complete without some Spanish! Today we give you the massively popular classic “Feliz Navidad”. And to make it xtra special; here’s Pastora Soler…and Doris Dragovic! Also, we love the waiter at 1.23! #weapprove

Pastora represented Spain in Baku in 2012. She performed “Cuédate conmigo”, finishing in tenth place, thus giving Spain their first top 10 result since 2004. Doris Dragovic has represented two countries at Eurovision. Her first time on the Eurovision stage was in Bergen in 1986. Representing Yugoslavia, she finished 11th with “Zeljo Moja”. Thirteen years later she returned to the contest, this time representing Croatia. Performing “Marija Magdalena”, she finished in a very respectable 4th place. This remains the country’s best result, shared with Maja Blagdan in 1996.

This was the last song in part three of our countdown to Christmas. Make sure to come back  tomorrow for part four, where we will give you our final six Christmas picks of 2019. To find tomorrow’s artists we have to head pretty far north… Later in the week we’ll present you with artists from countries as diverse as The Netherlands, Sweden and Belarus! If you didn’t listen to all the wonderful Christmas songs in part one of the calendar, you can find them here. And part two is here.

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