Our #ESC250 2019 votes – Part 2: Sami, Nick & Tom R

With the announcement of this year’s Eurovision Top 250 results shortly, we really want to tell you all who our all time Eurovision favourites are. In the few weeks, we’ll share our #ESC250 votes with you! On the second part, we’ll find out the favourites of Sami, Nick & Tom R. Make sure you click through all the pages and tell us what you think!

In the articles, our lovely editors will be looking closely at their Top 3 entries (the ones that got 8, 10 and 12 Points) and will also provide their honourable mention (a song they really like, but did not make their ESC250 list).

Sami: Nordic dominance with some Eastern surprises

Even I have listened and/or watched all the 64 contests, my list contains mainly newer songs. I guess I just prefer modern music and big performances. Even I have liked most of the recent winners, my favourite hasn’t won the contest in a while. However, many of these songs came very close and some even won the televote.

Here are the first part of my votes:

  1. Equinox – Bones (Bulgaria 2018)
  2. Poli Genova – If Love Was a Crime (Bulgaria 2016)
  3. Željko Joksimović – Nije ljubav stvar (Serbia 2012)
  4. JOWST – Grab the Moment (Norway 2017)
  5. Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On (Sweden 2017)
  6. Paula Seling & Ovi – Playing With Fire (Romania 2010)
  7. Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – A Monster Like Me (Norway 2015)

8 points – Sergey Lazarev – You Are the Only One (Russia 2016)

Sergey Lazarev is one of the best artists to perform on the Eurovision stage. On this number he really has it all – great song, amazing performance and perfect vocals. This deserved to win and I am still upset it didn’t. I love the drama of the song and that the performance has a story. This is what Eurovision should be all about.

10 points – KEiiNO – Spirit in the Sky (Norway 2019)

This is such a special song for me. Next to being just extremely catchy pop song, it has a lot deeper meaning. The performance makes me so happy, it’s so touching to see how proud they are to represent their country and whole Sámi culture. Again, this should have won in 2019 even I also like “Arcade”.

Honorable Mention – Timebelle – Apollo (Switzerland 2017)

From all the non-qualifiers over the years, I think this should have qualified to the final the most. I don’t know why people seem to hate the performance so much, I think it’s just fine. This song has so much emotion and beautiful melody. The members of Timebelle are also extremely lovely people.

12 points – Eric Saade – Popular (Sweden 2011)

Many songs have come close, but no one can beat “Popular”. Eric Saade is my favourite artist from Eurovision and I think he performs this song so well. The performance is groundbreaking and even with the silly lyrics, I really love the song as well.

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Sami Luukela

I started watching Eurovision back in 2006, when I was only 10 and couldn't stay up to see Lordi winning. I attended my first contest in 2013 in Malmö. I'm studying journalism and I love music — you will probably never see me without my headphones on.
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