Our #ESC250 2019 votes – Part 2: Sami, Nick & Tom R

Nick: It’s all lovely and Greek to me!

A year ago, my life was in a completely different place from where it is now. My taste has changed quite a bit, but the biggest change in my votes comes from… our winner in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. I’m a fan of everything Greek and love comes first when I listen to music! And that reflects when it comes to my top ten.

  1. Patricia Kaas – S’il Fallait Le Faire (France 2009)
  2. Joy Fleming – Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein (Germany 1975)
  3. Yianna Terzi – Oniro Mou (Greece 2018)
  4. Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland 2006)
  5. Eleni Foureira – Fuego (Cyprus 2018)
  6. Wig Wam – In My Dreams (Norway 2005)
  7. Jalisse – Fiumi Di Parole (Italy 1997)

8 points – Sophia Vossou – I Anixi (Greece 1991)

Back in the day, Greece really weren’t a popular face at the contest. Whatever they sent, they’d end up somewhere in the middle or the bottom. I can only imagine Greece were euphoric in 1991 when they managed to select this utter gem for the contest in Naples. They sure couldn’t have known one saxophone player would be there to completely trash and dash Sofia Vossou’s hopes of ‘Athens 1992’. This song would have deserved to be the first Greek winner ever. It has given me the fire to love the contest. It has given me the fire to love Greece. There is no way that this is ever going to fade away from my all time favourite entries. “I Anixi” is a great piece of music with piercing vocals to display the excellence of Greece in the early 1990s.


10 points – Duncan Laurence – Arcade (Netherlands 2019)

It is a miracle that I even became a Eurovision fan. My first contest was 2010, when my country sent.. Sieneke. We hadn’t qualified in a few years and the tragedies just kept on coming for us. The revolution of 2013 was phenomenal, but somehow I felt Ilse DeLange had to do it for us. Her second place in 2014 was great, but when we found out she’d be mentoring Duncan Laurence, I was sold. We embarked on a new adventure, with an unknown singer representing us. And look how it turned out… An incredibly emotional moment and a spectacular song to celebrate it with. Thank you, Duncan Laurence, for bringing the Eurovision Song Contest to the Netherlands after all these years. A moment to cherish.

Honorable Mention – Patricia Kaas – S’il Fallait Le Faire (France 2009)

I always appreciated this for its artistic value. Patricia Kaas is a wonderful performer with dignity and class galore. I really have enjoyed it for years and years. However, the feeling Patricia expresses here is one of unconditional love, a feeling so amazing, so wonderful and so thoroughly enjoyable that I can only hope everyone in this world will one day have the chance to experience true love, love at first sight and unconditional love – because that’s what every human being deserves.

12 points – Anna Vissi – Everything (Greece 2006)

Those who know me, know I’m a massive fan of everything Greek. My all-time #1 in the Eurovision Song Contest therefore just had to be the one song Greece sent when the contest came to Athens. A rock ballad performed by a true legend in her own right in her country: Anna Vissi. Not the youngest anymore when she took to the stage in the Greek capital, but the massive cheer when she walked on still gives me chills. Add in the knee drop and you just know this will never be topped ever again in the Eurovision Song Contest. The epitome of what a Eurovision song has to be for me.

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Sami Luukela

I started watching Eurovision back in 2006, when I was only 10 and couldn't stay up to see Lordi winning. I attended my first contest in 2013 in Malmö. I'm studying journalism and I love music — you will probably never see me without my headphones on.
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