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🇳🇱 Parliament supports resolution for international trains to Eurovision 2020

Parliament in the Netherlands has accepted a resolution which requests special international trains for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The idea is to establish train connections from international destinations all over Europe to the host city, Rotterdam.

Festival trains

In the document, which was written by the responsible members of parliament, they speak of an event train as an opportunity to take fans to the Eurovision Song Contest. They say international trains are a great alternative for plane travels and were hopeful the Minister for Transport , Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, would investigate whether it would be feasible.

The idea is that several train operators in Europe would work together in order to establish a train especially for the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. An idea like this is not unique: Every year, a special train leaves from the Netherlands to the Sziget Festival in Hungary. The resulotion in parliament also mentioned the Jazz Night Express, which brought people to a festival in Berlin.

An idea like this fits in with the hope to make the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 friendly to the environment. The broadcasters have even said they want the Rotterdam event to be the most sustainable ever.

Wide support for international trains

The resolution in Parliament was filed by two MPs of different parties. Rutger Schonis, representing government party D66, and Suzanne Kröger, who represents opposition party GreenLeft both signed the resolution. Parliament discussed the document last Wednesday. There was wide support for the resolution.

The Minister for Transport has said the idea of these international trains is creative. She has promised parliament to investigate the possibilities of such an international train. Both Schonis and Kröger have also responded to the result. Schonis has commented that a train is better for the environment, as well as more fun for those travelling. GreenLeft MP Kröger has opted for the idea of a night train, stating:

When so many people want to travel to the Netherlands for an event like the Eurovision Song Contest, we ought to make it a comfortable journey for them by making sure night trains are available for them.

Suzanne Kröger in response to the result of the resolution

What would you think about a special event train to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020? Is it a good alternative for a flight to Rotterdam? Let us know!

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