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🇱🇹 Vaidas Baumila released the powerful song and video for “Galingi” with Sofija Vasilevskyte

The kind of music we NEED in our life!

Lithuanian 2015 representative, Vaidas Baumila, released his brand new song “Galingi” (eng.: Powerful) together with Sofija Vasilevskyte. After they met and worked together in a TV show called ” Dvi kartos” (eng.: Two Generations) and even won the TV show, they now work together on new music. The first song was now released with a music video. Hint: Its amazing!

“Galingi” is filled with empathy, faith and hope

The music duo is going strong with their first release together after winning “Dvi kartos”. “Galingi” is the perfect release. It’s uplifting, empowering and perfect not just for the festive time, but in general. The song should be part of every playlist.

“It is a really beautiful piece, full of love, hope, determination and confidence. During this festive period, we become more empathetic, and this song is about it, ”says Vaidas.

The singer also emphasizes that his young stage partner is one of the most diligent performers he has ever had to record a song with: “Sofia is a real cool girl, she worked hard in the recording studio and during the filming. She works to the very end, even until midnight, and does her job as an adult professional, ”

According to the young singer Sofija, this song has a special meaning to her: “This song is very dear to me because until now I have only performed songs by other artists, this is the first song created especially for Vaid and me.

“I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it, its a very beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics that we can achieve a lot more together. I am happy that we agree well with Vaid, I am always calm and cheerful with him, ”says Sofia.

Listen to “Galingi” below:

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