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🇩🇰 Noller ends his music career due to serious illness

It was with great sadness we, earlier this week, received the news that Niels Olsen, Denmark’s own Noller, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. As a result of this, he has decided to end his musical career and spend his time focusing on his health and his family.

Troubled by illness

This is not the first time Noller has suffered serious illness. A couple of years ago he underwent heart surgery, in May of this year he suffered a brain haemorrage and he has also had a long battle with alcohol. However, up until now he has always been able to recover from his illnesses. This time though, the prognosis is not good.

to he confirms that the cancer is terminal, and that his doctors have told him that he has somewhere between two and four years left to live. Noller says that he will now focus on spending time with his family. He also wants to travel, and has some trips planned already.

Noller ‘s musical career

Noller has been a musician his whole life. While they were still children, he started his first band, The Kids, with his brother Jørgen. In 1972 they took the name Brødrene Olsen/Olsen Brothers, and they soon became one of Denmark’s most loved musical act.

They took part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix several times, before finally winning in 2000 with “Smuk som et stjerneskud“. The song was translated to English ahead of Eurovision in Stockholm, and they have been flying on the wings of love ever since.

Following their eurovision victory Jørgen and Noller have done conserts and performed on tv shows all over Europe. In 2002 they even released an album containing German language versions of their biggest hits.

Jørgen continues on his own

Following his brother’s diagnosis, Jørgen has said that he wishes to support Noller in this difficult time. However, he is also going to do the jobs that Olsen Brothers had previously agreed. Recently he went to Amsterdam to do some recording in connection with Eurovision Song Contest 2020, which will take place in Rotterdam in May. Noller was also supposed to take part in this performance, however, as he has said; his performance at this year’s Smukfest near Skanderborg in Denmark.

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