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🇬🇧 Jordan Clarke’s “Freaks” most streamed UK Eurovision song since 1996

He may not have won Eurovision: You Decide earlier this year, but Jordan Clarke can look back at a successful year. His Eurovision effort “Freaks” has now become the most streamed UK Eurovision song since “Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit”. And that despite the song not even gracing the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Tel Aviv this year…

Over 5 million streams for Jordan Clarke

Michael Rice ended up winning the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, but Jordan Clarke has won the battle of the streams. In the past months, “Freaks” has become the third most streamed UK Eurovision song of all time. The only two songs still ahead of Jordan Clarke‘s national final entry are “Making Your Mind Up” by Bucks Fizz and the all-time leader “Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit” by Gina G.

In total, Jordan Clarke has picked up nearly six million streams. That means he might just be about to overtake Bucks Fizz. The 1981 winners of the Eurovision Song Contest are just short of 6.7 million streams – quite remarkable for a 38 year old song. It goes to show that the United Kingdom had its golden age in the contest a good while ago.

With nearly nine million streams, Gina G is still far ahead of Jordan Clarke. In comparison, Michael Rice’s “Bigger Than Us” is in fifth place with just over 4.5 million streams – still a respectable amount, which is only just short of the amount Sergey Lazarev got for his “Scream” (4.7 million). Completing the top five in fourth place is the last UK winner of Eurovision: Katrina & The Waves’ “Love Shine A Light”.

When it comes to the popularity of “Freaks”, it’s safe to assume that the Nightcore version, released soon after ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ played a big part in it. Jordan Clarke responded to the news on Twitter:

If you need to remind yourself of how “Freaks” sounded… Check it out below by listening to Jordan Clarke’s version below!

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