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🇫🇮 Lordi guitarist AMEN-RA releases first solo effort

Lordi have had a long music career before and since their Eurovision win, and each member is a talented musician in their own right. Guitarist AMEN-RA, otherwise known as AMEN, has released his own material this month under the name AMEN-RA’S DYNASTY.

Amen-Ra, known in the Lordi band as just ‘Amen’, is one of the members who was involved in their Eurovision win for Finland in 2006. He dresses as a mummy in his stage performances, making him one of the most prominent members in the ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ performance after Mr Lordi himself. The name extension from ‘Amen’ to ‘Amen-Ra’ is a practical move to make him stand out when releasing music from Lordi. However, he is still playing with the band and is included on their upcoming 2020 album, Killection.

First solo effort a long time coming

His solo material has been a long time in the making. Speaking to Blabbermouth, Amen-Ra says the following:

This solo thing is something that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. For whatever reason I just never got it moving until now. I believe I came up with the title ‘Stone And Stars’ about 15 years ago!

Amen-Ra, Blabbermouth

‘Stone And Stars’ is a heavy guitar song that will play well with Lordi’s fans. It makes good usage of power metal backing and evocative lyrics that make specific use of Amen-Ra’s persona. He remains in his mummy persona for the lyric video and with the lyric ‘here’s how it feels being mummified’ this is clearly a part of his vision for the song.

With Amen as part of their band, Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 for Finland with 292 points, at the time, the highest ever score. As a rock band bordering on metal, with members dressed in monster costumes, they are rather musically unique among the winners list.

‘Stone and Stars’ is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music among other digital platforms, and the lyric video has now been released. This also includes a B-side to the song, called ‘Amen’s Lament to Ra III’, found in the Spotify link below.

What is your reaction to this release from a former Eurovision winner? Does it stay true to the Lordi sound? Let us know.

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