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🇳🇱 Floor Jansen too busy for Eurovision in 2020

Nightwish singer Floor Jansen was one of the dream candidates to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Unfortunately however for her Dutch fans, the singer has now indicated that she is too busy next year to take on the job.

Floor Jansen’s breakthrough

It’s weird to speak of a breakthrough when a singer has been leading a world famous band for many years now, but you could say 2019 was the year Floor Jansen had her breakthrough in her home country. She took part in Beste Zangers and was the sweetheart of the nation. Her version of “Phantom Of The Opera”, a duet with Henk Poort, even made the Top 2000 this year. For more information on the Top 2000 and what it is, check out our previous article here:

Aside from that, it’s also the first time Nightwish have scored hits in the Top 2000. Both “Ghost Love Score” (#1417) and “Élan” (#312) have made it. It’s fair to say that Floor Jansen has turned herself into one of the nation’s most beloved artists.

It was therefore no surprise that people soon named her as one of the ideal candidates to represent her country on home soil at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Jansen even commented, stating she’d see it as an honour. She continued that she would potentially be open to representing the Netherlands.

Busy schedules

However, Jansen has now said she may be too busy to do it next year. In an interview with newspaper De Telegraaf, she said:

I haven’t commented on it before, but I can say I will not do [Eurovision] next year. I’m way too busy with our CD and the Nightwish world tour. However, I still feel it’s an honour that people would trust me to do it.

Floor Jansen to De Telegraaf

The 38-year old’s comments follow just a few days after Davina Michelle also said she wouldn’t do Eurovision next year. Both ladies were high on the lists of fans to fly the Dutch flag in Rotterdam. Broadcaster AVROTROS have so far only revealed that an internal selection will once again be used. They have not commented on potential artists just yet.

Would you like to see Floor Jansen at Eurovision in the future? Let us know!

Floor Jansen & Henk Poort - Phantom Of The Opera | Beste Zangers 2019Floor Jansen & Henk Poort – Phantom Of The Opera | Beste Zangers 2019
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