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🇬🇪 YOU have predicted Tornike Kipiani to win tonight’s Georgian Idol final!

Over 82% of you think Tornike will storm the televote once again!

Over the last past week, you have been submitting your predictions for the second round of Eurovision Prediction 2020. For this round, your task was to predict the winner of the Georgian Idol. Now, let’s take a look at who you collectively expect to win the Georgian ticket to Rotterdam!

Here at ESCXTRA, we always want to give you…XTRA! So this year, Eurovision Prediction will be bringing the receipts, neatly organised and presented ahead of each national final. So let’s take a trip down memory lane (from the past two weeks, really) and look at what has shaped our predictions…

During this first round of Eurovision Prediction 2020, 170 of you have predicted who you think will take victory in the Georgian artist selection – Georgian Idol 2019. Without further ado, here are the entries that YOU have predicted to win in order of frequency, from most to least:

RankArtistNumber of predictionsPercentage
1Tornike Kipiani 14182.9%
2Tamar Kakalashvili 158.8%
3Mariam Gogiberidze 74.1%
3Barbara Samkharadze 74.1%

Lessons from Albania?

In the last round, you had predicted a clear victory for Elvaja Gjata. However, the jury disagreed and decided to send Arilena Ara as the Albanian representative to Rotterdam. Is this likely to happen in Georgia?

The answer is; unlikely. Tornike Kipiani has come on top at each of the live shows and it is unlikely that the Georgian people will decide to vote for someone else tonight. Nevertheless, Eurovision is known for providing shocks and drama, so stay tuned!

As we enter into 2020, we will know our 7th contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. That’s 1/6th of all contestants – however, the song will be presented at a later date.

We will publish the official round one results shortly the conclusion of the national final. Stay tuned to see how you fare against the rest of the competition!

So, are you in the majority that expects Tornike Kipiani to take victory tonight? Last year, our Eurovision Prediction 2019 players collectively predicted 16 out of 29 national final winners correctly. In 2018, your record was 19 out of 30. How will you, our Eurovision Prediction 2020 players, fare this year?




Aivis Indāns

Traumatized by Latvia's result in 2003, Aivis has returned to follow the contest closely year after year. He thoroughly enjoys the complexity and excitement that surrounds the contest, and currently resides in London, UK.

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