Eurovision Trivia: The 2010s Quiz

Welcome to the new decade! To start off the new decade of Eurovision quizzes at ESCXtra, let’s bid farewell to the 2010s, the previous 10 years, by taking a 2010’s quiz! Perfect for a lazy New Year’s Day, if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying that right now. That’s everything from 2010 to 2019. All the contests, all the winners, everyone who did really well, everyone who did really badly.

The quiz in this article will test you on a set of questions based around the whole decade of the contest and some of its most notable events. It’s more than a normal quiz. I hope you enjoy these, test yourself, test your friends on their knowledge of the 2010’s with this quiz. and see who has picked up the most about Eurovision over the past decade.

Note: for the question ‘Which country would have won the contest if there were no televote’, please read either ‘televote’ as ‘juries’ or ignore the word ‘no’. This is preferable to editing the quiz, as doing that now risks deleting the entire thing.

Which two of the following entries had a stage invasion during the decade?

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Which host nation in the 2010s decade used golden lights, arranged in the shape of the country, to introduce the postcards?

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Very memorable opening to the decade for me.

What was the name of the interval act where Petra Mede and Mans Zelmerlow riffed on stereotypical Eurovision songs?

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Which entry had a hamster wheel?

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This was referenced in the rather wonderful answer to the previous question.

Who has presented the BBC broadcast of the Eurovision final for every contest this decade?

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What is the highest finishing position the United Kingdom achieved during this decade?

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It's been a long successful decade for the United Kingdom, but I'm sure the UK can look on in pride at once narrowly missing the top 10 with a reformed boyband.

Which of the following entries would have won their contest were there no televote?

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Il Volo's Grande Amore and 2019's Spirit In The Sky are the songs this decade that would have won were the contest entirely publically voted.

Which country that participated this decade at any point has the fewest qualifications to the grand final?

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Slovakia is, unless I’ve forgotten anyone, the only country to take part in any of the 10s contests with no qualifications. Come back! This was intended to be a question on which country had the fewest qualifications but amazingly, there isn’t a country that qualified only once this decade, the other three options are all drawing on two successes.

Which of the following countries has qualified through all 10 semi-finals this decade?

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No country has come out of the 2010s with their participation AND qualification 100% record entirely intact, but Ukraine and Australia are repping it as a non-Big 5 country that’s never failed in a semi-final.

Where was the contest held when Eurofans were shocked into silence by Dami Im’s performance?

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Stockholm 2016

Which artist took part for their country 4 times this decade?

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The highest winning points this decade was obtained by which winner?

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On both the old and new systems!

Which of the following countries won for the very first time this decade?

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Which country (arguably) outside of Europe joined in 2015?

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Eurovision had a contest with more than 200 million viewers this decade - true or false?

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2016 had a reported 204 million, the highest figure I can see in the history of the contest, although figures from before this decade are very hard to come by, especially an overall figure.

What was the song that triumphed in the last contest of the 2010s?

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Can you pick all of the winning countries this decade without making any mistakes?

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Eurovision Trivia: The 10s Quiz
You got them all right!

100%! Congratulations. That's the highest score anyone's ever got in one of my quizzes. As this was a longer quiz than normal, if you managed to get this screen on your first try, feel free to DM me, @IzzyStars_, on Twitter with a screenshot, and if I get a few of you, I'll give you a shoutout when I do the first NF quiz of the season.
Excellent result!

Eleni Foureira

You did extremely well! Thanks for playing, and great job!
You gave it a good go!

A good effort! Not one of our higher scores but thanks for sticking it out until the end.
Thanks for trying!


Not everyone can know everything about Eurovision, that would be ridiculous. But thanks for having a go.

Quizzes about the events of the already underway Eurovision 2020 National Final season will be along in future weeks. Keep an eye out for those!

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