Eurovision Trivia: The 2010s Quiz

Welcome to the new decade! To start off the new decade of Eurovision quizzes at ESCXtra, let’s bid farewell to the 2010s, the previous 10 years, by taking a 2010’s quiz! Perfect for a lazy New Year’s Day, if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying that right now. That’s everything from 2010 to 2019. All the contests, all the winners, everyone who did really well, everyone who did really badly.

The quiz in this article will test you on a set of questions based around the whole decade of the contest and some of its most notable events. It’s more than a normal quiz. I hope you enjoy these, test yourself, test your friends on their knowledge of the 2010’s with this quiz. and see who has picked up the most about Eurovision over the past decade.

Note: for the question ‘Which country would have won the contest if there were no televote’, please read either ‘televote’ as ‘juries’ or ignore the word ‘no’. This is preferable to editing the quiz, as doing that now risks deleting the entire thing.

[wp_quiz id=”125626″]

Quizzes about the events of the already underway Eurovision 2020 National Final season will be along in future weeks. Keep an eye out for those!

Isaac Sturtridge

I like the heavy and weird entries in Eurovision. I also like stats and diving deep into Eurovision stories.

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