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🇳🇱 Anouk to perform in ‘We Can Be Heroes’ charity concert

Concert to be held in Rotterdam Ahoy less than two weeks after Eurovision 2020

Anouk will join Kris Kross Amsterdam, Roel van Velzen and Wulf will be in Rotterdam Ahoy on 29 May during We Can Be Heroes in Concert. The central theme of the evening will focus on how everyone can be a hero by giving someone a helping hand. In the case of the artists involved, it is by sharing a few songs with street musicians on stage. However, members of the general public can offer a helping hand through the purchase of a ticket.

The proceeds of the concert will help support the work of The Netherlands Red Cross society – part of a worldwide charity dedicated to provide global humanitarian aid.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here. The event is selling both a standard ticket and a ‘Hero Combo’ ticket – which provides entry for both you and your ‘hero’ or someone who might need a helping hand.

Anouk and Eurovision

Back in late 2012, Anouk surprised many when she said she wanted to go to the Eurovision Song Contest for The Netherlands. She further teased fans, boasting she had a ‘killer song‘ to share with the world. After years of misfortune, the broadcaster opted to internally select one of the nations most popular singers. In February 2013, the song title, ‘Birds’, was announced. However, it wasn’t until March was the song officially released.

Anouk comfortably qualified in the first semi-final, bringing an act from The Netherlands to Saturday’s final for the first time since 2004. In the final, Anouk performed 13th, coming 9th overall with 114 points.

Anouk celebrating qualification for the first time in almost a decade!

Two years later, Anouk’s good friend Trijntje Oosterhuis followed her footsteps. With lyrics for Walk Along being written by Anouk, the country was hopeful. Due to a doubtful stage performance, however, Anouk’s indirect Eurovision return was no success. Anouk later openly criticised Trijntje’s performance in Vienna.

Despite this hiccup, Anouk undoubtedly was the turning point for The Netherlands. Since 2013, The Netherlands has only failed to qualify once. However, it has managed three top 10s – including Duncan’s recent victory!

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