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🇳🇱 Koos van Plateringen to hit theatres with “We Love Songfestival” alongside Eurovision stars

TV host Koos van Plateringen has a new adventure in front of him, called We Love Songfestival. After many years of being on the ground at Eurovision for Shownieuws, he now has a theatre tour. The tour will focus on 65 years of the Eurovision Song Contest. Van Plateringen won’t have to do this by himself, as no less than four Eurovision stars will join him.

We Love Songfestival: “An unforgettable evening”

According to Koos van Plateringen, We Love Songfestival is going to be an unforgettable evening. Of course there will be music – otherwise it really wouldn’t be a Eurovision show. Joining Van Plateringen on the tour throughout the Netherlands are four Eurovision singers. All of them represented the Netherlands at some point in their career.

The four have all built up a history with the contest, even after their participation. Mandy Huydts represented the Netherlands as part of Frizzle Sizzle, back in 1986 with “Alles Heeft Een Ritme”. She also delivered the Dutch votes back in 2011, handing out twelve points to Denmark. Marlayne Sahupala is now mostly known as a TV host, working together with Koos van Plateringen on channel SBS 6, but she is originally a singer. Back in 1999, she finished in eighth place at the contest with “One Good Reason”. Esther Hart is the third name on the list, having represented her country in 2003 with “One More Night”. She is also on the organising committee for the annual J’Aime La Vlie festival, a Eurovision themed party on the island of Vlieland. Finally, Van Plateringen is joined by one more man on stage. 1996 entrant Franklin Brown, who sang “De Eerste Keer” with Maxine, will be there as well.

Twenty exciting shows

We Love Songfestival will be a trip down memory lane, according to the adverts. Live music will be an integral part of the show, but that’s not all of it. Van Plateringen will share stories from the history of the contest, as well as his own experiences. There will be a quiz along the way, so it’s one for true Eurovision fans… Then again, since Duncan Laurence’s victory in Tel Aviv, the entire country seems to be in Eurovision mode. After Het Grote Songfestivalfeest in Ziggo Dome, this is just another example of the country’s refound love for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Koos van Plateringen will take the show to twenty theatres throughout the Netherlands. The first date is on 11th April in Vlaardingen, with the tour finishing in the Oude Luxor Theater of Rotterdam a day before the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in that very same city, on 15th May. You can find all tour dates by clicking here.

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