New Music Friday – This week with Dami Im, Amaranthe, Netta and more!

The new year has begun and plenty of artists have decided to start it with a bang! With all these holidays going on, you sometimes mix up the days… So, on Saturday, here’s New Music Friday for you! Click through the pages below to check out our favourite releases of the past week…

Renaida – Ett Andetag I Taget

We start the year off with one of the most emotional songs we could possibly have picked. The shock was great when Melodifestivalen star Renaida revealed her cancer diagnosis last October. After a surgery, she was thankfully declared clear of the disease a month later. She has now written a song about the period. On Instagram, she said:

[This song] means a lot to me. In the song I release today, I get to share the strong and constant question marks that have been going around in my head. Putting them all in a song is a big relief.

Renaida on her Instagram

We couldn’t have said it better… Time to listen:
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