New Music Friday – This week with Dami Im, Amaranthe, Netta and more!

The new year has begun and plenty of artists have decided to start it with a bang! With all these holidays going on, you sometimes mix up the days… So, on Saturday, here’s New Music Friday for you! Click through the pages below to check out our favourite releases of the past week…

Renaida – Ett Andetag I Taget

We start the year off with one of the most emotional songs we could possibly have picked. The shock was great when Melodifestivalen star Renaida revealed her cancer diagnosis last October. After a surgery, she was thankfully declared clear of the disease a month later. She has now written a song about the period. On Instagram, she said:

[This song] means a lot to me. In the song I release today, I get to share the strong and constant question marks that have been going around in my head. Putting them all in a song is a big relief.Renaida on her Instagram

We couldn’t have said it better… Time to listen:

Klemen Mramor Clemens – Za Vedno

Back in 2017, Klemen Mramor entered EMA in Slovenia as a backup entrant. He however didn’t manage to make it through the final, which Omar Naber eventually won.

Klemen Mramor, also known under his stage name Clemens – or occasionally, he sticks all three names together, like on this single -, has been releasing music ever since. What characterises him is a solid belief in midtempo/slower pop efforts in his native language. Previous singles “Vse Bo Kul” and “Sledi Mi” also follow that example. His new song “Za Vedno” is another example of an artist knowing what he’s good at and doing exactly that!

Dami Im – Kiss You Anyway

We all know Dami Im from her powerballad during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Dami’s new music is something else, though. The power is still there, but in a completely different way.

Instead of big vocals and impressive high notes, it’s now the mystery and instrumentation that does the trick for the 31-year old singer. Her latest single is called “Kiss You Anyway” and is exactly what the new Dami Im wants to show us. It’s a modern and exciting effort, which still showcases her powerful voice, but doesn’t draw attention away from the lyrics.

Amaranthe – 82nd All The Way

Heavy metal band Amaranthe never graced the Eurovision stage, we know! But their female lead singer, Elize Ryd, sure tried back in 2015 when she took part in Melodifestivalen. Her band have now released “82nd All The Way”.

The song is a cover of Sabaton’s single from last year. It’s their way to honour Sergeant Alvin York, an American officer from Tennessee during World War I. Together with just seven soldiers, he was in charge of capturing the hills around Decauville, in northern France. His actions, which earned him a Medal of Honor in the USA, made sure all 132 surviving German soldiers on the hill surrendered to just seven Americans.

A story worth telling and a song worth listening to!

David Bisbal – En Tus Planes

He now is an absolute world star, but back in 2002, David Bisbal already graced the Eurovision stage. He did so as a backing vocalist for Spain’s entrant Rosa… a bonus gig for everyone who didn’t win Operación Triunfo that year.

In the middle of Europe’s winter, a Spanish summer hit may not be what we’re waiting for. However, David Bisbal has just managed to get me excited for temperatures above 30c, swimming pools and strolls along Spanish boulevards. Way to go, when we’re still stuck with rain and cold here…

Hurricane – Brzi Prsti

This girl group is a true hit machine in Serbia. With Eurovision 2016 entrant Sanja Vučić, Hurricane have now released a new single: “Brzi Prsti”. It comes after a highly successful 2019, where “Favourite” was one of the most popular songs of the year in Serbia. “Brzi Prsti” is another ethno-influenced powerful pop song by three phenomenal singers.

The girls are rumoured to have submitted an entry to Beovizija 2020… Would that be something to get excited for?

André Hazes Jr. & Glennis Grace – Verlangen Naar Jou

Just a few weeks ago, Glennis Grace dropped her new single “Empathy”. There, she declared a return to English language music. That return didn’t last too long, as her new collaboration is here and it’s… in Dutch!

André Hazes Jr. is one of the most popular schlager singers in the Netherlands. He’s the son of the legendary André Hazes and has built up quite a career of his own now. This duet with Glennis Grace is a love song, which translates as “Desiring You”. With true Dutch schlager influences and big vocals, this is a classic ballad for the genre.

Omer Adam & Netta – BEG

Time for something completely different! Netta is back with a new single and it’s another interesting composition she’s offering us. This time, she’s not alone, but with Omer Adam! Effectively, that means Israel’s two biggest stars have decided to team up. With Doron Medalie in the background, you know Netta is going to be herself again.

When you mix pop and Mizrahi music, you get Omer Adam. Add about fifty other flavours and you get Netta, so you always know a song like this will be a colourful three minutes. It’s best to just listen to “BEG” and find out yourselves what Netta and Omer Adam have created!

That’s it from us this week! Have we missed anything? Let us know and we may just include it sometime in the future!

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