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🇳🇱 Dutch artist “to start with letter J” as Judy Blank denies rumours

This morning, NPO Radio 2 DJ Timur Perlin shook the rumour mill in the Netherlands awake. He said he had heard a source who told him the name of the artist that will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will start with the letter J. What better way to kick off a day full of rumours? The candidate mentioned most often, Judy Blank, has however denied her involvement.

“A reliable source”

On his radio show, Timur Perlin said he had heard about the next act to fly the Dutch flag in Eurovision. He didn’t have a name yet, but knew the first letter of the singer’s name. After first refusing to comment which letter it was, he eventually said it was the letter J.

That obviously led to a discussion as to who the one should be to represent the Netherlands. Perlin himself believed that it would now be time for a woman to fly the Dutch flag, after two male representatives in a row. One of the names he mentioned was Judy Blank. Others on the show included Jacqueline Govaert, the lead singer of Krezip or X-Factor winner Jake Reese.

Social media soon went wild with all kinds of singers starting with J: Jeangu Macrooy, Jett Rebel, Joe Buck, Jill Helena and so on. However, only one of the aforementioned names commented on social media: Judy Blank.

Judy Blank’s day in the spotlights

Timur Perlin’s preference would be Judy Blank. The 23-year old singer-songwriter soon took to social media to spark the rumour mill even more, by posting a picture of her supposed dress for the contest:

The rumour soon caught on with Eurovision fans inside and outside the Netherlands. Judy Blank was the name on everyone’s lips all of a sudden. Newspaper AD decided to reach out to Judy Blank to hear her side of the story. In the short statement she gave the newspaper, she says she has not been approached by AVROTROS:

What a joke, right? So yes, I would love them to select me, but I have not been called. I would’ve loved to do it.

Judy Blank to AD

Who will be the one?

If Timur Perlin’s comments are true, it’s fair to assume that Judy Blank is not the one AVROTROS have picked for Rotterdam. A date for the announcement has not yet been given by the broadcaster. The 2020 Dutch entry will be the first entry on home soil for the Netherlands since Maggie MacNeal’s “Amsterdam” back in 1980, when the country took over the hosting duties from Israel.

Earlier this week, Eurovision enthusiast and TV reporter Lammert de Bruin reflected on 2019 as the year where the Dutch finally won Eurovision again. In the interview, De Bruin also mentioned how he had spoken to AVROTROS director Eric van Stade. In that conversation, Van Stade confirmed that the act for Rotterdam has been chosen and that he believes there might be a chance of another victory…

Which singer, potentially starting with the letter J, would you like to see flying the Dutch flag? Let us know!

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