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🇱🇻 Edgars Kreilis off to a promising start in Lietuvos Balsas

Will the Latvian steal Lithuania's voice?

Edgars Kreilis, who has attempted to represent Latvia several times at the Eurovision Song Contest, has decided to prove himself in Lithuania. He performed James Bay’s “Hold Back the River” on Lietuvos Balsas, the Lithuanian version of “The Voice”, impressing all four judges. Unsurprisingly, he has picked Donny Montel, Lithuania’s representative in 2012 and 2016, to be his coach.

Kreilis, who has attempted to represent Latvia at Eurovision on multiple occasions, including in 2019 with his song “Cherry Absinthe”, has also participated in Latvia’s X-Factor, coming 6th. He revealed that he also hopes to participate in Supernova this year.

Kreilis’ goal appears to be Eurovision, nevertheless, as he picked Donny Montel, an experienced participant, as his coach. Donny Montel represented Lithuania twice, and achieved a Top 10 result in Stockholm. Edgars admits that he believes he can learn most from him.

The judges were very complimentary of Kreilis, and suggested that he might win the competition. For Edgars, this is definitely a great start, and a good opportunity to learn from neighbours.

It is also not the first time that Latvian artists have taken part in foreign music competitions. Samanta Tina and Markus Riva have both participated in Lithuanian and Ukrainian singing competitions, where they both saw good success. This has also helped them significantly in attracting international voters to Supernova.

Tim talking to Edgars Kreilis at the Riga Pre-Party in 2019

Will Kreilis learn a lot from Montel, and will a Latvian steal Lithuania’s Voice? But most importantly, will this competition provide Edgars Kreilis with what he needs to finally become Latvia’s representative in Eurovision and replicate the success of his coach, Donny Montell? Let us know what you think!

Aivis Indāns

Traumatized by Latvia's result in 2003, Aivis has returned to follow the contest closely year after year. He thoroughly enjoys the complexity and excitement that surrounds the contest, and currently resides in London, UK.

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