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🇮🇱 Date for the final of HaKokhav Haba L’Eurovision revealed

Who will represent Israel?

The date, when Israel will select their artist for Eurovision was revealed by the national broadcaster KAN. The final of HaKokhav Haba L’Eurovision will take place next month on February 4th. This will be the sixth consecutive year this format will be used to select the Israeli representative.

Who will sing for Israel?

This will be decided on February 4th during the final of HaKohav Haba L’Eurovision 2020. The competition already kicked off back in November and will find it’s winner in less than four weeks. Currently, the Top 20 are entering the final stages of the show.

HaKohav Haba L’Eurovision has been used to select the Israeli singer since 2015. This resulted in Israel always qualifying for the final and moreover, winning in 2018 with Netta. KAN even opted to organize a special show this year to select the song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. This will be the first time since 2016, that the public has a say in the song for the contest. This comes after criticism of the current internal selection process to select the song for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Therefore we’ll have another show after we found the singer next month.

This year Israel was represented by Kobi Marimi, who sang “Home” in his hometown of Tel Aviv. He finished in 23rd place in the Grand Final with 35 points.

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