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🇱🇻 Markus Riva tipped to win Supernova 2020?

DJ Rudd (Rudolfs Budze) has announced that he has left his position as a Supernova judge, and joked that this means an automatic victory for Markus Riva.

Markus Riva has attempted to represent Latvia on multiple occasions has participated in Supernova since its inception in 2015. Last year he achieved the best result to date – 2nd.

It has been the jury, led by DJ Rudd, that has undermined Markus Riva’s attempts at representing Latvia. Last year, he came first in the public vote, and only 5th in jury. This caused an uproar among certain circles, especially among Riva’s fans.

This week Markus Riva released a song called “Impossible. The song, written by Aminata (Latvia 2015), is certainly his Eurovision entry. The song talks about resilience and his unstoppable drive to become his best self. Will the lyrics translate into a victory?

The Latvian Television is expected to release the participants of the Supernova 2020 in the coming days. Nevertheless, as we have previously reported, other Supernova veterans such as Samanta Tina and Edgars Kreilis, have also submitted songs.

Aminata has also contributed to Samanta’s song. The Latvian Eurovision powerhouse has continued to write songs for multiple performers since her won participation in 2015.

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