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🇱🇹 The first finalists competing on Eurovizijos Atranaka have been revealed

As we are heading closer into the first heat of Eurovizijos Atranka, the filming for the first heat of the competition has taken place recently. With the filming comes two things. First the artists competing in the first heat have been revealed. Second, LRT has revealed a rebrand of the competition ahead of the launch.

Who’s competing in the first heat?

The following artists will be competing in the first heat of Eurovizijos Atranka.

  • Glossarium – “Game Over”
  • Baltos varnos – “Namų dvasia”
  • Justinas Lapatinskas – “High Way Story”
  • Aistay – “Dangus man tu”
  • Petunia – “Show Ya”
  • Lukas Norkūnas – “Atsiprašyk”
  • Donata – “Made of Wax”
  • Andy Vaic – “Why Why Why”
  • Aika – “Paradas”
  • Meandi – “DRIP”
  • Monika Marija – “If I Leave”
  • Gabrielius Vagelis – “Tave čia randu”

The jury that will be assessing the performances of the participants are as follows:

  • Darius Uzkuraitis
  • Geruta Griniute
  • Giedre Kilciauskiene
  • Vaidotas Stackevicius
  • Leon Somov

Rebrand for the contest revealed

In addition to the reveal of the participants taking part in the first heat of the competition, LRT has also revealed the rebrand of the contest.

Pabandom iš naujo, which can be translated as ‘Let’s Try Again’ is the slogan for this year’s competition. Eurovizijos Atranka producer has commented on the fact that Lithuania’s best result is in 2006 with ‘We Are The Winners’, mentioning ‘So let’s try again and let our representatives go higher this year’.

The slogan which is popularised by Marijonas Mikutavičius carrie a logo which depicts a stylized Mobby strip. The logo represents a constant movement and creativity in Eurovision.

Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest

Lithuania debuted at the contest in 1994. Their first entrant, Ovidijus Vyšniauskas with the song Lopšinė mylimai, finished last with nil points. However, this didn’t deter them from continuing; they have participated every year since 2004. 

The semi-final era has seen some mixed results, Lithuania’s best finish coming in 2006 with LT United’s “We Are The Winners”. Despite the title, LT United could only manage 6th. Lithuania’s only other top 10 came in 2016, when Donny Montell finished 9th with “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night”. Overall, Lithuania has qualified 9 out of 15 attempts since the introduction of the semi-finals.

In Lisbon, Ieva Zasimauskaitė and her emotional ballad “When We’re Old” brought Lithuania to the Grand Final and the left-hand side of the leaderboard, finishing in 12th place. Unfortunately, Jurij was unable to replicate this success last year, where he placed 11th in the Semi-Final.

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