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🇩🇪 Germany: NDR to reveal new information about selection method at the end of January

Giving out as little information as possible

Breaking the silence

After months of silence and rumors, NDR first confirmed to ESC Greenroom and then to ESC-kompakt that new information about the selection method for Eurovision 2020 will be revealed in late January.

This is one of the only official statements made by NDR since confirming their participation shortly after Eurovision 2019 concluded. After a lackluster result in Tel Aviv, the public broadcaster has kept quiet but apparently been busy. Since May, they assembled a new Eurovision-Jury and an expert panel who have been evaluating songs and artists. However, it is not clear whether everything is organized just like last year or if there have been changes. With time moving fast, an internal selection becomes more and more likely for Germany, which would be its first time selecting their act internally since 2009.

Rumors over rumors over rumors

Intransparency sparks rumors and as NDR is trying to give out as little information as possible, social media is filled with them. Popular ones include Barbara Schöneberger’s role in the process. In the past, the TV host has posted stories on Instagram stating she is busy filming Eurovision related stuff. Furthermore, she is set to appear on “Schlagerchampions – Das große Fest der Besten”, a Schlager show hosted by Florian Slbereisen, so fans have been wondering whether an announcement will be made next Saturday. This, however, now seems unlikely, as NDR specifically said information will be revealed at the end of January.

Another popular rumor includes famous German singer-songwriter Nico Santos, as NDRs Eurovision Instagram account @eurovisionde recently started following him on Instagram. In the past, Nico Santos has stated that he would not want to participate as a singer, but would be open to writing a song for Eurovision. Now, fans are asking themselves if this has already happened, as social media is filled with rumors he submitted a song in this year’s selection process.

Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest

During the 2010s, Germany experienced many highs and lows in Eurovision. After winning in 2010 and two more top 10 finishes in 2011 and 2012, Germany found itself struggling and even placing last twice, in 2015 and 2016. However, in 2018, Germany changed its selection process, leading to Michael Schulte’s shock fourth place in Lisbon.

However, the same process did not work in 2019. The duo S!sters represented Germany in Tel Aviv, achieving a disappointing 25th place with only 24 points.

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