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🇨🇭 Luca Hänni to participate in “Let’s Dance” 2020

Time to dance!

Today German broadcaster, RTL Television, released Luca Hänni as one of the first participants for their upcoming season of “Let’s Dance”, the German version of “Strictly Come Dancing”. A total of 14 celebrities will enter the competition on February 21. After previously being very successful with dancing and of course at Eurovision 2019, Luca is amongst the early favorites to possibly win the show.

Luca is ready to dance!

After representing Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Luca Hänni is aiming to get another top finish in another competition. He will participate in the upcoming season of “Let’s Dance”. The German version of “Strictly Come Dancing” will kick off on February 21.

We know that Luca can sing and perform on stage, but he also won the show “Dance Dance Dance” back in 2017.

It’s easy to say, that he is already a favorite for the upcoming season. During the Eurovision pre-season, Luca said he was working on his upcoming album which will be in German. For the moment there is no news, if this will be released later this year or if it gets out during the competition show. We will keep you up to date if there is any news.

Luca represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with his hit song “She Got Me” and finished in 4th place in the Grand Final in Tel Aviv with 364 points, giving Switzerland their best result since 1993.

INTERVIEW: Luca Hänni ('She Got Me' | Switzerland) // Eurovision In Concert Amsterdam 2019INTERVIEW: Luca Hänni (‘She Got Me’ | Switzerland) // Eurovision In Concert Amsterdam 2019

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