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🇫🇷 France’s Eurovision head of delegation reveals new details about Tom Leeb’s Eurovision entry

This evening, French broadcaster France 2 revealed that they had internally selected Tom Leeb to represent France at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Now, head of delegation Alexandra Redde-Amiel has explained more details surrounding the entry.

“A universal song”

In a series of tweets posted by journalist Fabien Randanne, he summarises the comments made by the French Eurovision head of delegation Alexandra Redde-Amiel and France 2 director Antoine Boilley in a press conference that took place this evening.

It was revealed that Tom Leeb’s entry has also been selected internally by the broadcaster from amongst a hundred received submissions. The artist is currently working on his Eurovision song in the studio. Redde-Amiel believes the song is “universal” and capable of “bringing together” international audiences.

“We fell in love with the song, it was obvious. Something happens when we listen to it. It’s complicated to find 18 good songs [for a Eurovision national selection] so we chose to focus on one song and give it all our energy”.

Staging plan already in place

Redde-Amiel also explained that there will be no tender for teams to submit staging proposals for Tom’s Eurovision performance, with the France 2 team already having a “fairly precise” idea of what they wish to happen on stage in Rotterdam.

Antoine Boilley, director at France 2, explains that the specifications given for a song to represent France at Eurovision Song Contest were universality, emotion and an artist with live experience. Boilley was also pleased that several song proposals were submitted from outside France as it showed “a real desire” from international songwriters to write for France.

English-language lyric controversies are “in the past”

Regarding the language of the song, Boilley explains that in recent years they backed their decision to including English lyrics in their entries and any controversies regarding the inclusion of English lyrics are “behind them”. Nevertheless, there was no confirmation on which language Tom’s Eurovision entry will be written in, nor whom the songwriters and composers are. It is worth noting that all of Tom’s previous music releases have been entirely in English.

Finally, Boilley stresses the importance that the French Eurovision artist must be more present in international media so that he “speaks” to foreign audiences. Furthermore, he clarifies that Eurovision semi-finals will continue to be shown on French television after their current home, France 4, closes down later this year.

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