Eurovision Trivia: 2020 So Far…

Welcome to the start of the 2020 National Final Quiz season! Every week or two weeks, depending on how busy the news cycle is, there will be a quiz. This will feature questions that will test your knowledge on all the latest comings and goings in the Eurovision world.

The questions are sourced from information written about in ESCXtra news articles. This is the same as last year and will be so for the vast majority going forward. If you are a regular reader, you should have no issues answering all of these questions correctly.

From the quiz author on the most recent prior quiz: Many thanks to those of you who played my quiz on Eurovision in the 2010s, published on New Year. I did something I do not usually do, but may do in the future for major quizzes. I included a message encouraging Twitter users who got 100% on the quiz to message me with a screenshot. While accepting that this is not iron-clad proof evidence that they got it on the first try, but they would not have known it was there (and a certain question was through one of my mistakes, worded wrongly, making it harder for people to get 100%). With that in mind I would like to congratulate @MarvinIsBea, @MrAshleyVP and @EricTobias26 for getting 100% on that long quiz and informing me as such. Again, thank you to them and everyone else who plays these quizzes.

Now onto the 2020 National Final quiz, Round 1!

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Isaac Sturtridge

I like the heavy and weird entries in Eurovision. I also like stats and diving deep into Eurovision stories.

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