Eurovision Trivia: 2020 So Far…

Welcome to the start of the 2020 National Final Quiz season! Every week or two weeks, depending on how busy the news cycle is, there will be a quiz. This will feature questions that will test your knowledge on all the latest comings and goings in the Eurovision world.

The questions are sourced from information written about in ESCXtra news articles. This is the same as last year and will be so for the vast majority going forward. If you are a regular reader, you should have no issues answering all of these questions correctly.

From the quiz author on the most recent prior quiz: Many thanks to those of you who played my quiz on Eurovision in the 2010s, published on New Year. I did something I do not usually do, but may do in the future for major quizzes. I included a message encouraging Twitter users who got 100% on the quiz to message me with a screenshot. While accepting that this is not iron-clad proof evidence that they got it on the first try, but they would not have known it was there (and a certain question was through one of my mistakes, worded wrongly, making it harder for people to get 100%). With that in mind I would like to congratulate @MarvinIsBea, @MrAshleyVP and @EricTobias26 for getting 100% on that long quiz and informing me as such. Again, thank you to them and everyone else who plays these quizzes.

Now onto the 2020 National Final quiz, Round 1!

Which song in the Albanian national final smashed the Youtube record of the Albanian broadcaster’s official channel within 3 days?

Albania Festivali i Këngës 58 @yaalbanias
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Elvana got 1.3 million views in that time period, being a popular star in Albania.

Which Albanian entry was eventually chosen to be the first entry revealed for Eurovision 2020?

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The Sammarinese EBU delegation in December revealed the maximum number of Eurovision countries to be what number?

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This provides a reason for why other microstates are currently not being encouraged to return, and how the San Marino team view their participation and the exposure they get for doing so as invaluable.

What fact about the Dutch artist was revealed by NPO DJ Timur Perlin prior to their artist announcement?

Jeangu The Netherlands
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The artist has since been revealed to be Jeangu Macrooy. The hint given was that their name began with J.

Which of the four Melodi Grand Prix songs in the first semi progressed to the Norwegian final?

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A lot of songs qualified in Lithuania’s first of many heats on Saturday. Which of these songs from the first heat was one of them?

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Which of the following names is not a real name of an artist in the 2020 Czech national final?

Eurovision Song CZ 2020
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Doctor Victor took part in the 2018 Czech national final and came 6th. So all the artist names are real. Of course the standout is 'We All Poop'.

X Factor Malta is being used to select the Maltese Eurovision entrant again. Which of these acts have been eliminated so far?

Please select 2 correct answers

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The Georgian artist has already been selected following their performances in Georgian Idol. Which of the following statements is correct, indicating a difference between the selection process in 2019 and in 2020?

Georgia Tornike Kipiani Georgian Idol
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Tornike Kipiani is the entrant, but unlike last year with Oto, his song will not be the same one he performed on Georgian Idol.

Yesterday, the French entrant was revealed to be Tom Rees. What fact about his entry has been confirmed to be true?

© France 2
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Only 100 submissions were mentioned and there is no confirmation on what the language will be yet, or who the writer is. However the France 2 team are not accepting outside staging plans as they already have a good idea of what it will look like.

Eurovision Trivia: 2020 So Far...
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