🇧🇪 Belgian folk duo Urban Trad split up for the second time

The name ‘Urban Trad’ may still ring a bell. In 2003 they just missed out on the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in Riga. An unexpected but very pleasant success for Belgium. The group already broke up in 2012, but had a reunion in 2015. After five years, the group decides to separate again.

Last concert in Belgium

Soetkin Collier, one of the two singers, announced that from now on the group will focus on their own projects. This made it clear that it was about the final goodbye to the group. The group made this official announcement during their last concert that took place in Leopoldsburg. Around 300 spectators attended this last concert. It is not the first time that the group has split. In 2012 the group already announced a farewell, but three years later Urban Trad came together again with a slightly changed formation. After five years the group says goodbye to the public again, but now for good.

De bronafbeelding bekijken

Short portrait on Urban Trad

The Belgian folk group Urban Trad first saw the light in 2000. The group consisted of both Flemish and Walloon members. The group made their big breakthrough after participating in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, where they experienced an unexpected big success. The first full album was released in 2003 and was entitled ‘Kerua’. Of these, they sold 35,000 copies in Belgium. The successor ‘Elem’ came out a year later and was particularly well received in Germany, where they sold 13,000 CDs. The third album had to wait a while, it was released in 2007. That album was named ‘Erbalunga’, with the same name as a village in Northern Corsica. The group already made an album for their Eurovision Song Contest participation, which was released in 2001 and bore the name ‘One o Four’.

Urban Trad at the Eurovision Song Contest

Urban Trad represented Belgium in 2003, when the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Latvia’s capital Riga. With the song ‘Sanomi’ the group already wrote a bit of Eurovision history. It was the very first entry ever to be sung in a made-up language. Before the competition started, the media did not pay so much attention to the Belgian entry, but in the end Belgium had an unexpected success. Urban Trad received points from almost every country and even three times 12 points! They came from Spain, France and Poland. During the scoring, Belgium constantly repeated everything with Russia and Turkey for first place. When two more countries had to give points, it seemed for a moment that Belgium was sure of the victory, but Sweden threw a spanner in the works by not giving Belgium anything. Only Turkey could overtake Belgium if they received enough points from Slovenia. That turned out to be the case and Belgium lost just two points too little.


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