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🇩🇪 “Unser Lied für Rotterdam” on February 27?

Will this be the day of the song presentation?

Media magazine reports today that “Unser Lied für Rotterdam” (Our song for Rotterdam) will take place on February 27. This won’t be a national final, as the running time for the show is only 45 minutes. Barbara will host the show from Hamburg. It is not mentioned, what the content of the show will be.

German song to be presented on February 27?

On Wednesday the “Bild” newspaper reported that this year the NDR cancelled the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. However, this is not entirely correct – because according to information from the media magazine there will be a program at the end of February. However, this will not be shown on ARD as usual, but on the small channel One, which has accompanied the ESC in many ways in the past.

“Unser Lied für Rotterdam” will air on Thursday, February 27th at 9:30 p.m. on One, Barbara Schöneberger will be back as host. According to the current status, a delayed transmission from Hamburg is planned. This is hardly a classic national selection in which different artists compete against each other – at least that suggests the planned broadcast length of 45 minutes. How exactly the show will run is not yet known.

At the end of January the NDR will announce more. As it’s already so late with no news, it was almost certain, that Germany selects their artist internally this year. It seems the presentation of the song might take place on February 27. Soon we will know more.

Last year Germany was represented by S!sters and their song “Sister”. They finished in 25th place with 24 points. Who would you like to see for Germany in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Germany - LIVE - S!sters - Sister - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019Germany – LIVE – S!sters – Sister – Grand Final – Eurovision 2019

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