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🇸🇪 Guide to Melodifestivalen 2020

We have a busy Melfest week ahead

The biggest national selection is about to start! The first semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2020 will kick off this Saturday! It’s been almost a year since we saw the last semi-final of the competition. When do we get lyrics, rehearsal-clips, and snippets of the entries again? No problem we got you! With everything, there is to know to be prepared for the upcoming weeks of Melfest madness!

Semi-final week schedule

• 19:00 CET: NEW – dancers, backing singers, and choreographers get presented in the Expert Blog.

• 14:00 CET: NEW – The song texts for this week’s entries are presented in the Expert Blog.

• Afternoon: The Contribution Bible is published regularly on the blog for all week’s entries, with facts about the stage shows, the artists, songwriters, stage contributors, and the song texts.
• Afternoon: Video chat with all the artists in the Mello app.
• Afternoon: The artists rehearse backstage, updates in the Mello app.
• 18:00 CET: The media representatives on-site listen to the songs. The first reviews are beginning to trickle out.

• Afternoon: The artists rehearse on stage. Updates in the Mello app and in the Expert Blog and in many external media.
• 13:30 CET:  One minute from the songs being released on  SVT Play.
• 9:00 CET:  Clips from the artists’ rehearsals on stage will be released on  SVT Play.
• 20:00 CET: Welcome party. Updates in the Mello flow.
• Tonight (approx. 20:00): Mellosvepet with Sofia and Gustav live in the Mello flow.

• Afternoon: The artists rehearse on stage. Updates in the Mello flow in the app and in the Expert Blog and in external media.
• 19:00 CET: Rehearsal in the arena. Program minute by minute in the Expert Blog with all the stops for those who want to plan the evening (spoiler alert).
• Around 21:00 CET: Live: Melfest Insider, webcast in English on the Melodifestivalen Youtube channel.
• Approx. 21:30 CET: Mellosvepet with Sofia and Gustav live in the Mello flow.

• 14:00 CET:  Rehearsal in the arena (normally no blog coverage).
• 18:30 CET: Live broadcast in the Mello app.
• 20.00-21.30 CET:  Melodifestivalen 2020! Updates in the Mello flow. Live comments in English at the Melodifestivalen Twitter.
• 21.30 CET:  The first interviews with tonight’s winner, by SVT’s Sofia Dalén, live on  SVT Play.
• Approximately 22.15 CET: Mellos sweep with Sofia and Gustav live in the Mello flow.

Artists for Semi-Final 1

For the first semi-final, next Saturday in Linköping the following acts compete for a place in the final:

1.  Move –  The Mamas
Songwriter:  Melanie Wehbe, Patrik Jean, Herman Gardarfve

2.  Moves –  Suzi P
Songwriter:  Joy Deb, Suzi Pancenkov, Aniela Eklund, Malou Ruotsalainen, Chanel Tukia, Kenny Silverdique

3.  Take A Chance –  Robin Bengtsson
Songwriter:  Jimmy Jansson, Karl-Frederik Reichhardt, Marcus Winther-John

4.  Ballerina –  Malou Prytz
Songwriter:  Thomas G: son, Peter Boström, Jimmy Jansson

5.  Inga problem –  OVÖ
Songwriter:  Nicholas Frandsen, Lukas Nathanson, Jean-Willy Akofely, Nickie Osenius Kouakou

6.  Sluta aldrig gå –  Sonja Aldén
Songwriter:  Bobby Ljunggren, David Lindgren Zacharias, Sonja Aldén

7.  Boys With Emotions –  Felix Sandman
Songwriter:  Tony Ferrari, Parker James, Peter Thomas, Philip Bentley, Nicki Adamsson, Felix Sandman

The qualifiers will be decided by 100% Tele/Text/App voting. In two voting rounds, the two acts with the most votes make it to the final and the acts with the 3rd and 4th most votes go to the second chance round one week before the final.

Melodifestivalen 2020

Saturdays at 20:00 CET on SVT1 and  SVT Play.

• February 1: Semi-final 1 – Linköping, SAAB Arena
•  February 8:  Semi-final 2 – Gothenburg, Scandinavium
• February 15:  Semi-final 3 – Luleå, COOP Norrbotten Arena
•  February 22:  Semi-final 4 – Malmö, Malmö Arena
•  The February 29:  Second chance – Eskilstuna, Stiga Sports Arena
•  March 7:  Final – Stockholm, Friends Arena

TICKETS: Tickets are on sale and available HERE!

If you have any further questions or want to tell us who you want to represent Sweden this year, just leave a comment in the section below 😉

Last year Sweden was represented by John Lundvik and his song “Too Late For Love”. He finished in 5th place with 334 points giving Sweden their seventh Top 5 finish of the past decade!

Dominik Rössing

Hey, I'm Dominik from Germany. Watched my first Eurovision in 2003 and I was in love right away! Attended my first contest in 2011 and every contest since 2013. The same happened with Melodifestivalen. Started watching in 2006 and been to every final since 2017 and try to make it to at least one heat each year, too. After all, Melodifestivalen is the real deal ♥

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