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🇸🇪 Jan Johansen will replace Thorsten Flinck in Melodifestivalen deltävling 2

On 3 February, SVT announced that Melodifestivalen veteran Jan Johansen will replace Thorsten Flinck in Göteborg. A day earlier it became known that Thorsten was no longer allowed to participate due to unlawful threat and vandalism.

Quick solution

For a moment, SVT seemed to be caught up in a small crisis. Looking for a replacement so shortly before the actual show can be quite tough. The broadcaster immediately started searching after the news became known. A day later they found the right person to sing ‘Miraklernas tid’. No one less than Jan Johansen will take on the last-minute task.

Contest Producer Karin Gunnarsson reacts: ”I’m very thankful that Jan has agreed on such short notice. I’m convinced that he will perform a beautiful version of ’Miraklernas tid’”.

Jan Johansen in Melodifestivalen and Eurovision

Jan Johansen is anything but a stranger in both Sweden and abroad. He has already participated in the Swedish competition four times, and even managed to win it once. In 1995 he was allowed to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. He arrived there as one of the top favorites, and eventually finished third. He completed the top three together with Spain and Norway.

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