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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ ROUND 4: It’s time to make your 2020 Eurovision Prediction for Israel!

Welcome to ROUND FOUR of Eurovision Prediction 2020. Shortly, the final of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eirovizion will take place in Israel and itโ€™s time for you to predict who will be the winner!

For those of you who have never played Eurovision Prediction before, it is a game where Eurovision fans from all over the world battle it out to become the champion! All players need to do is predict which entry will win each national final that takes place during the 2020 Eurovision season.

At the end of the season, the player with the most points takes the victory and becomes Eurovision Prediction Champion! In addition, we will once again award a special Eurovision prize to the winner.

Click here for a full explanation of the rules and our scoring system.

In this round, 4 points are available for correctly predicting the winning artist. In the event that a full ranking is given of all finalists, predicting the 2nd place act will give you 3 points, 3rd place will give you 2 points and predicting the 4th placer will give you… a single point.

Like Georgian Idol, the outcome can only really be predicted using the voting statistics from previous rounds. So, for reference, here are the results from the qualifying rounds of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eirovizion:

Semi One, Round Two
  • Lali Kolishkin โ€“ 54 (Jury) + 18 (Viewers) โ€“ 72 points โ€“ Eliminated
  • Ella-Lee Lahav โ€“ 64 (Jury) + 20 (Viewers) โ€“ 84 points โ€“ Finalist
  • Eden Alene โ€“ 62 (Jury) + 22 (Viewers) โ€“ 84 points โ€“ Finalist
Semi Two, Round Two
  • Raviv Kaner โ€“ 56 (Jury) + 20 (Public) โ€“ 76 points โ€“ Eliminated
  • Gaya Shaki โ€“ 60 (Jury) + 18 (Public) โ€“ 78 points โ€“ Finalist
  • Or Amrami-Brockman โ€“ 64 (Jury) + 22 (Public) โ€“ 86 points โ€“ Finalist

Further, it’s worth noting that the final will have a different format to the semis, with the outcome being determined by the following formula:

  • 30% audience/televote
  • 65% professional jury
  • 5% judges

With this in mind, you may want to consider the jury voting extra closely…

Click here for more details on this year’s season of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eirovizion.

Round four predictions close at 5pm CET on Tuesday 4th February 2020.

The results of the round, alongside the results from round 3, will be announced within the following 48 hours. Of course, you can edit your prediction using the form below up until this deadline.

Click here to take a look at the latest Eurovision Prediction 2020 scoreboard!

So what are you waiting for? Get predicting below!

You will require a Google Account to register your votes. The email address you use to login to the form and to submit your votes will not be retained by ESCXTRA following the end of the competition. Your email address will only be used to provide you with a notification if you are the winning entrant at the end of the competition. Your email will not be sold to any third-parties and will be kept securely within the Google Forms system by Google itself.

If you are using a mobile device, the form below may not render properly.
Therefore, please use this direct link to the Google Form!


Ryan Cobb

My first memory of watching the Eurovision Song Contest was back in 2001 and, over the years, my passion and enthusiasm for the contest has very much turned into an obsession. I adore music and I love geography, so this contest is a natural fit for me. If la la loving Eurovision was a crime, I'd certainly be a criminal!

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