Tamta’s song to be the soundtrack of Belgian movie ‘Losers Revolution’

In May 2019, she still represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest. On 4 February, Tamta announced that it was the soundtrack for the Belgian movie “Losers Revolution.” Interested people can watch the movie on 11 March.

New single ‘My Zone’

We are talking more specifically about the new single ‘My Zone’ which was released at the end of January. Walloon producer and writer Thomas Ancora approached Tamta and her manager with the proposal because he knows the duo well. Thomas showed interest in the new single from Tamta, so he gave it a listen. Minutes later, the producer thought it was a great option. And so the Walloon used the song as a soundtrack and for one of the scenes in the film.

About the movie


Simon, Mehdi and Fred have known each other since their school career. Their good friend Juan has died and the three of them go to his funeral together. There they catch his last wish: throw at the school reunion in the face of their former bullies. In addition, the friends must launch a ‘Losers Revolution’ on social media. Since the trio only have twelve followers, they try to get help from Simon’s brother Henry. He is quite famous, but the two brothers do not match so well. The three friends do all this to take revenge on the bullies that they and Juan used to approach so hard. Pay back time!


Tamta in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Cypriot broadcaster internally selected Tamta to represent the island in Tel Aviv last year. She did that with the song ‘Replay’, written by Alex Papaconstantinou. Tamta was allowed to open the first semifinal on 14 May, she managed to survive that hurdle. In the final she played 11th between Slovenia and the Netherlands winner. On that night, Tamta finished 13th.

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