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🇫🇷 France to reveal Eurovision song on February 16th

According to French journalist Sébastien Barké, France Télévisions will reveal the French song for Rotterdam 2020 next Sunday on TV.

11 days before reveal

The journalist published the announcement on his twitter account.

#Eurovision : Tom Leeb’s song will be officially presented on February 16th, 2020 at 8:50pm, live on France 2

According to the tweet, Tom Leeb’s song, the title of which is still unknown, will be presented live on France 2, France Télévisions’ main channel, which already broadcasts Eurovision, and previously broadcast Destination Eurovision.

According to a comment from the journalist to his own tweet, the format of the presentation is not yet known.

The format of the announcement has not been detailed. We only know that “the programs scheduled for prime time [9pm] will not be changed”.

The reply was a response to a tweet suggesting the most obvious format of presentation for next Sunday : as part of 20H30 Le Dimanche.

20H30 Le Dimanche (literally “8:30pm on Sunday”) is a 25-minute long live news magazine taking place after France 2’s evening news broadcast, hosted by the same host, Laurent Delahousse. In this magazine, he interviews guests ranging from politicians to actors, singers and writers. It seems very much possible that Tom Leeb will be invited as a guest in the broadcast, performing at the end.

Who is Tom Leeb

On January 14th, France 2 announced that Tom Leeb would represent France in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Tom Leeb, born in 1989, is the son of Michel Leeb, a French humorist (and singer). Until now, Tom’s songs have all been in English, and there has been no confirmation about the language of the 2020 French entry, although it has been hinted that there will be English lyrics in the song.

Finally, let us precise that the “ee” of the “Leeb” family name is pronounced like the “ay” from “lay” in English, without the “y” sound of “yes”.

What do you think? What can be expected of the song, regarding genre and language? Tell us more in the comments below or on social media at @escxtra !

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