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🇧🇪 Hooverphonic to release Eurovision entry on 17 February!

On 11 February, Hooverphonic announced that we don’t have to wait that long anymore for their entry reveal. Save the date: 17 February!

More details about the song release

VRT has prepared an entire press event for Hooverphonic’s song release. On Monday morning, we can hear the song for the first time on Belgian radion. Later, in the afternoon, Hooverphonic will also release the music video on YouTube. This event will take place in the morning in the buildings of VRT. There, the press can get a preview of the video clip, followed by the band that will speak to the press. Hooverphonic will talk about the inspiration behind the song and which team contributes to the act for Rotterdam. Afterwards there is an interview opportunity for the press with the band. ESCXTRA will be present!

What do we already know about the song?

Although we have already seen a few interviews with Hooverphonic, they were unable to reveal much about the song. The things we already know are that we can expect a typical Hooverphonic style. Alex Callier also added that there will be string instruments in it. In addition, they also try to weigh up their unique style with the commercial. The band knows only too well that they must attract as wide an audience as possible, so the song must be accessible enough.

Follow Hooverphonic behind the scenes

Do you want to stay informed about the adventures that Hooverphonic is going to have? Which can! Go to their instagram page, watch the video and follow the instructions.

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