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🇳🇱 Citydressers to make Rotterdam ready for Eurovision 2020

In Rotterdam they prepare everything to receive Eurovision fans from all over the world. The Dutch are looking forward to it, and that will be visible in the city! For the Songfestival, Arttenders and Studio VollaersZwart will be responsible for the artistic decoration of the city.

The decoration plans so far

A sea of flags from Rotterdam Central Station to Ahoy

This idea comes from the artist duo consisting of Madje Vollaers and Pascal Zwart. Under the name Sing Along City they provide a colorful mega ribbon full of flags. That ribbon must mark the route from Rotterdam Central Station to Ahoy. Different streets and buildings will wear these reusable flags.

De bronafbeelding bekijken
Madje Vollaers & Pascal Zwart (VollaersZwart)
Valentine’s Day 2019! On that day, VollaertsZwart created this Tunnel of Love


The concept #TheGoodPlees comes from Faye Ellen and Siobhan Burger, or Arttenders. They will provide a mobile extravagant stage that will always be at a different location. There, a number of special acts will ensure an unforgettable festival experience.

De bronafbeelding bekijken
Arttenders Faye & Siobhan
Arttenders’ artwork in a Dutch company

Open call to designers and makers

Both Arttenders and VollaertsZwart wear a good reputation in the world of art. Rotterdam is also known for its alternative and innovative architecture. The ideal place for creative minds, you would say. Moreover, both VollaertsZwart and Arttenders are still looking for helping hands! For example, Vollaerszwart looks for designers for the various fashionpieces. Then, Arttenders looks for designers who can shape the mobile stage, but also makes a call to performers who want to perform on this. For the full request, visit and

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