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🇪🇸 Miki Nuñez releases new single “Me Vale”! Listen and watch the music video here

Miki knows what we need and want!

If you are looking for something positive and very uplifting in these times, you came to the right place. Spanish 2019 representative Miki just released his brand new single “Me Vale”. The song was written by Miki himself together with Diego Arroyo Bretano and Jaime Summers Blanco. It’s the first new single that wasn’t included on his debut album “Amuza“.

A lockdown can’t stop Miki from spreading positivity!

His new single “Me Vale” is full of joy and makes you wanna dance to the beats and dream of summer. The song was created during the lockdown and for the music video, he needed to be creative. With the help of his brother Eloi, the music video features Miki as private as never before. He got filmed in his house, bed, shower, in his personal environment. It features homemade video clips also from his parents and many friends. As you can see in the credits, this is mostly all made by Miki himself.

Regarding the video, the singer explains that “he had it in his head the way he wanted it to be”, so he asked his brother and a friend for help “because he couldn’t wait any longer”.

Especially in times like this, we have to stay positive and Miki is doing gods work here to keep us on the right track. “Me Vale” definitely has the vibe we know from his debut album “Amuza”, but it also shows a lot of growth in Miki as an artist as the whole song and video basically was made by him. We can’t wait to see what Miki will come up, next but we are sure it’s going to be amazing!

Watch the music video for “Me Vale” below:

Listen to “Me Vale on Spotify:

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