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🇪🇪 Elina Nechayeva releases new music video ‘Lind’

A self-written track dedicated to her grandmother

Back in 2018 Elina Nechayeva brought the force with ‘La Forza’. Now Estonia’s Eurovision opera star soars to new heights in new single ‘Lind’.

Elina Nechayeva channels her inner birdsong on ‘Lind’

New music comes to us from Estonia this week with Elina Nechayeva’s latest single ‘Lind’. Which translates to ‘Bird’ in English. This is the first self-written track by Elina and is more than worth the wait. As well as this, we have the mastermind behind ‘La Forza’, Timo Vendt on production. Here we have the symbolism of flight and the peaceful energy that birds present, grounded in a moving tribute to the soul of Elina’s late grandmother. As she herself explains:

We all think of our loved ones who have left this world and hope that their souls will be close somewhere and that they will see what we are doing from beyond the clouds.

Elina Nechayeva

As graceful as the bird metaphor and her classical vocals, Elina takes us on a journey through the clouds and the forest. Which was filmed on location in Sri Lanka. Throughout talking wistfully of her grandmother’s soul and spirit that is imagined through the roots of the trees birds live and flowing through the waterfall they drink from. All wrapped in a soaring crescendo of Operatic Estonian like the chorus of morning birdsong.

Sweet bird, can you hear me?
Aren’t you alone in heaven?
You listen and smile,
Because in my heart you are.


Elina Nechayeva in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Back in early 2018 Elina Nechayeva won selection to become Estonia’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Lisbon, Portugal. Through the national final Eesti Laul, Elina dominated the super-final with a landslide 70% of the public vote.

During the contest she wowed the audience with her impressive vocals and equally stunning projection dress. As a result Estonia qualified for the final for the first time since 2015 and returned to the top 10, with ‘La Forza’ achieving 8th place and 245 points. Thus also becoming Estonia’s highest points tally.

Many will remember that Elina took to the big screen over the Summer. With a cameo role in the hit Netflix film, Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga. After which she recorded her own version of the title track ‘Volcano Man’. Later this Autumn Elina will release her new album, which will also include her Eurovision entry ‘La Forza’. As well as this, fans can watch Elina perform live on December 8th in her first major solo concert. Of course it will take place where it all began for her Eurovision journey, in the Saku Suurhall. The songs in the show will combine her fusion of classical and electronic sounds with an orchestra.

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