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Eurovision 2021 participant profiles to include pronouns

Important for inclusion

The official participant profiles will include the artists’ pronouns this year. Already few of the artist profiles on have the pronouns the artists go by.

Why does it matter?

Adding the pronouns is a big step towards inclusion in the contest. According to, “often, people make assumptions about the gender of another person based on the person’s appearance or name. These assumptions aren’t always correct, and the act of making an assumption (even if correct) sends a potentially harmful message”.

Including the pronouns on the artist profiles helps us use the right pronouns for the artists. Using the right pronouns is also a way to respect them as a person and reduces making (false) assumptions.

So far only few of the participant profiles have been completed with the songwriters and the participant pronouns, but all of them are set to be completed over the next weeks. Press photos for each participant were recently added to the profiles.

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