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🇦🇺 Australia to use live on tape performance at Eurovision 2021

At least one live-on-tape performance to be used

Australian public broadcaster SBS has confirmed that Montaigne and the rest of their delegation will be unable to travel to the Netherlands for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

The decision was approved by the ESC Reference Group, the Contest’s governing board. The SBS Commissioning Editor and Australian Head of Delegation Josh Martin explains how they came to this decision.

After a comprehensive assessment, SBS has decided not to send an Australian delegation and artist to Rotterdam for the Eurovision Song Contest this year. We came to this difficult decision after considering the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, including the many factors involved in travelling to and from the event from Australia.

SBS and Montaigne are appreciative of the European Broadcasting Union’s ongoing support for Australia’s involvement in the event, and their commitment to ensuring Eurovision continues amid the challenges COVID-19 presents. Congratulations must also go to the Host Broadcaster for the outstanding work that is being done to create a successful Eurovision Song Contest this year. We are working with them to assist in creating a memorable and successful broadcast.

Josh Martin

Montaigne will represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song “Technicolour”. Montaigne says she is still “absolutely stoked” to represent the country.

Naturally, I’m sad that for two years in a row I have been unable to participate in the live spectacle of Eurovision. My partner and I had been discussing what video games we would bunker down with in a hotel room in Rotterdam between rehearsals for the final event, and we were excited about it. Despite that disappointment, it is still an immense privilege to be able to participate and compete in Eurovision, in its fandom and its processes, two years in a row. I have been able to submit two songs that I’m proud of and that have meant significant things to people. I am still absolutely stoked that I can present Technicolour this year, in whatever form my final performance may come in! It’s such a beautiful festivity and not even a pandemic can put it to bed. Eurovision will live forever.


What’s live on tape?

EBU asked all the participating broadcasters to record a live performance of their act in their own country. This recording will be delivered prior to the event and will take place in a studio setting. The recording will take place in real time (as it would be at the Contest) without making any edits to the vocals or any part of the performance itself after the recording.

“Open Up to variety” stands for the artistic freedom, creativity and style for any country who would have to provide their “live-on-tape” performance. The Host Broadcaster will not require a strict format of staging. However, countires will get a set of production guidelines to ensure fairness and integrity during the performance.

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