Welcome back to the Wiener Stadthalle for this evening’s jury Final for semifinal two. Seventeen acts will perform, with 50% of the vote being decided tonight by juries in 21 countries. As always, keep up to date with all the goings-on via our livestream at escxtra.com/live, on Twitter and at our Facebook page.

Alec Parkin
May 20, 201510:31 pm

The Polish entry from Monika is a sweet and elegant way to finish this semifinal, There are presentation elements which seem a little contrived but the lady herself seems thoroughly happy with it all!

Alec Parkin
May 20, 201510:22 pm

Slovenia’s Maraaya is another of this year’s artists who has never let us down vocally. This evening’s performance seemed more ‘fun’ than those I’ve seen before. 

Alec Parkin
May 20, 201510:17 pm

We’ve just learned that Leonor from Portugal will perform her song again, due to some issues with sound in her first performance.

Alec Parkin
May 20, 201510:13 pm

Sweden’s qualification through to Saturday’s Grand Final is not really in doubt. A few slightly shaky camera angles but otherwise it’s business as usual for Mans. 

Alec Parkin
May 20, 201510:08 pm

Maria from Iceland is still looking – and sounding – uncomfortable on-stage…and it’s all a little uncomfortable to watch and listen to. What a pity.

Alec Parkin
May 20, 201510:04 pm

Elnur from Azerbaijan is our next contestant. Not his best rendition, but perfectly respectable. 

Alec Parkin
May 20, 201510:00 pm

Not a personal favourite of mine, but you can’t deny that Latvia’s Aminata nailed her song tonight. She looks stunning, as does the staging, despite it being relatively simple 

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:53 pm

The Golden Boy himself is up next – and it’s time for some much-needed energy and enthusiastic choreography! Nadav gets a very appreciative round of applause here in the Press Centre.

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:50 pm

More vocal powerhouses now, in the form of Marta and Václav from the Czech Republic. This pair haven’t delivered one ‘off’ note in any performance I’ve seen of their song, and tonight is no different. The ‘shoe throwing’ element is still there, but seems better-handled now – Marta leans on Václav, so there’s less possibility of a tumble!

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:45 pm

While Portugal’s Leonor puts a lot of effort into her performance, it seems to be over-compensating for what, unfortunately, is really a rather average song. Alas, qualification seems unlikely tomorrow evening.

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:40 pm

After a little Conchita chat, we’re back to the songs – and the entry from Norway. Morland and Debrah performed excellently this evening, even if the camerawork wasn’t perhaps as tight as it has been in the past. 

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:35 pm

Amber certainly seemed to enjoy her time on the Eurovision stage this evening. Although there were one or two slightly troublesome notes, she belted out this powerful number with some real aplomb this evening. A few pyro effects add a little drama to it all.

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:29 pm

Macedonia’s Knez gets a very enthusiastic reaction here in the Press Centre! Yes, this is a typical Balkan ballad performed in a very ‘Balkan’ way – but Knez possesses a strong vocal ability that makes its delivery seem effortless, and that certainly enhances the appeal. 

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:24 pm

A very solid and enthusiastic performance from Anita and Michele from San Marino this evening – actually, probably the best rendition we’ve ever had of their song. Still a little heavy on the saccharine for me though. 

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:22 pm

Molly from Ireland also appears to have undergone a make-over of sorts, with some rather heavy-handed blusher and eyeshadow. At last, she is interacting a lot more with the cameras which will certainly enhance the appeal of the song. This is all very pleasant and pretty but might not be well-remembered – probably one entry that will most certainly benefit from the recap.

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:15 pm

Regular readers will be pleased to learn that Monika from Lithuania has actually spent some time in the make-up artist’s chair in preparation for this evening! This sounded a little vocally shaky at the beginning but both Monika and Vaidas soon got into the swing of things. Everyone on-stage gets to kiss, too!

Alec Parkin
May 20, 20159:07 pm

Arabella, Mirjam and Alice are a lot more sparkly this evening! Their outfits are shimmery and could quite easily pass for Grand Final numbers – it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with for Saturday!

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