…one Eurostar is heading for Kids’ TV fame, and another walked off the Eurovision stage and down the aisle?
…a partnership that was thought to be ending isn’t, while a past bronze medalist has got a new job?

…Iceland‘s María Ólafs took on the part of Stephanie in LazyTown this weekend? This happened in Stykkishólmur, a small town in West Iceland. And she will get to reprise the part this Saturday, participating in the LazyTown marathon, which is the children‘s 3k during Reykjavik marathon and Reykjavik Culture night.
This LazyTown stint is originally supposed to be a twice off for María, but as she said to the newspaper Vísir on Friday; If these performances go well, perhaps I get to play  Stephanie again in the future.“

Photo; instagram
Photo; instagram

…everybody‘s favorite cheesecake, Teo, who represented Belarus in the 2014 contest, got married earlier this summer? Yup! Claiming to have found his cheesecake, he shared pictures from the happy day with his fans on Facebook. He and his wife Olga are now on their honeymoon in Spain. He told his fans; „Olga and me are married and we want 3 Kids !“. Hopefully he will also find the time to make some new music…

Photo; Facebook
Photo; Facebook

…Norway‘s Mörland&Debrah Scarlett keep working together? Their duet „A Monster Like Me“ at Eurovision was supposed to be a one time thing, but two weeks ago they performed an interesting version of „Always On My Mind“. Kjetil Mörland has a new single ready to be released shortly, and they both say that they believe they will work together again. As Debrah Scarlett put it; “We won‘t get rid of each other *that* easily…“

…2015 Eurovision winner , Måns Zelmerlöv, just keeps winning and winning ? Last week saw the annual Rockbjörnen (Rock bear) awards being presented, and Måns claimed *two* of the prestigous statues; for Swedish Song of the Year (for „Heroes“, of course) and Live Male Performer of the Year. It is Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that organizes Rockbjörnen, and the winners  are decided by their readers voting.

Photo; Facebook
Photo; Facebook

…Italy‘s Il Volo will follow in fellow Italian Christopher Columbus‘ footsteps…eh…wake? Starting in Buffalo, NY on the 5th of February, they will embark on a 35 date tour of the US, with the final show taking place in Temecula, CA, in April 1st. Hopefully they‘re not into April fool‘s… The tour also includes a few concerts in Canada. Will the three lovely lads receive an equally warm welcome in „the new world“ as they did in Vienna?

Photo; Elio D’Ascenzo (Facebook)
Photo; Elio D’Ascenzo (Facebook)

…Sanna Nielsen has got a new job? (No, not *that* job…)
After participating 7 times in Melodifestivalen, hosting MF once, representing Sweden once in Eurovision and commenting for SVT from Vienna (puh…) she will take over as host for the very popular sing-along tv-show „Allsång på Skansen“ (Sing-along at Skansen), Aftonbladet reports. SVT has not confirmed the news, saying the new host will be announced some time in the fall.
Sanna will not be the first Eurovision related „Allsång“-host; the legendary host Lasse Berghagen (1994 – 2003) represented Sweden in the 1975 contest with „Jennie, Jennie“, and from 2011 to 2013 the show was hosted by none other than Måns Zelmerlöv!

We’ll be back soon, to find out if you have heard…?

I'm Norwegian, presently living in Iceland. My mom loves Eurovision, and always let me stay up to watch the contest since before I can remember, so I'm "second generation Eurovision lunatic". My musical god is David Bowie, so I'm obviously not into the stereotypical Eurovision songs. I prefer the rocky/bluesy/jazzy/ethnic songs over schlager and mainstream ballads, though I occasionally surprise myself (and others)... I HATE canned drums and "Cvet Z juga". Photo © Tobias König

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